Are YOU a Fiend?

If you are a THIRSTY Dude in the club THIS is for YOU

Written by Lamborgini City (LamborginiCity) on Twitter

1. A Broke/fiend/hungry dude in a club will always have an empty cup with nothing but ice and bottom water. He will proceed to hold that same cup for the entire night while sipping on what WAS hennessy.

2. A broke/fiend/hungry dude in a club will attempt to steal a dance from other men. like a vulture in the sky... Why?...there is usually a good amount of women in a club.Seriously.....I seen a situation where a guy was dubbing on a female and he turned around for one sec. and then some other guy attempts to dance with the same girl. Problem was that it was the guys wife and he pushed and stepped on his foot to get a dance with her. damn....

3. A broke/fiend/hungry dude in a club will pull a girl by the arm as if she stole something just to get her attention. ***** give me my money!!!

4. A broke/fiend/hungry dude in a club will in true fiend form attempt to steal an unattented bottle at a V.I.P table.....

5. A broke/fiend/hungry dude in a club will attempt to talk to girl, get regected, then pretend that he's busy texting someone on his phone...Rightttttttt...cause your important huh?...cause you get all the girls right?

6. A broke/fiend/hungry dude in a club will try to talk to anything in a club....anything...he uses the law of numbers.....If I talk to 300 girls, I will at least "bag" one.....


8. A broke/fiend/hungry dude will park 20 blocks away from the club because he simply can't afford the parking lot.

9. A broke/fiend/hungry dude in a club will get drunk or buzzed prior to entering a club. This saves him money @ the bar.(no tips)

10. A broke/fiend/hungry dude will stare at a female for the entire night and not say anything simply because he knows that he is a A broke/fiend/hungry dude.

11. A broke/fiend/hungry dude will usually get played by the doorman, bouncers and promoters. "You need chicks with you to get in man sorry"

12. broke/fiend/hungry dude will celebrate with his boys then "borrow" a bottle he didn't purchase and beg the photographer to take pictures of him....

13. You will see A broke/fiend/hungry dude in a club with 20 of his friends feeding of off one bottle.

14. A broke/fiend/hungry dude will sit in the back of his man's ride headed to the club with no bottle money, drink money or gas money......

15. A broke/fiend/hungry dude's favorite club is 40/40 because he doesn't have to pay to get it....The end

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Dear Nightlife . . .

The TRUTHS of BROKE Club Chicks

New Jewel: Smack That Talk Radio

This weekend I discovered a new media jewel in nightlife

Will Slayer presents Smack That Talk Radio featuring popular nightlife figures such as Grey Goose Al, Dee of 3rd Lane, King Keino, Fame Fortune and the lovely ladies Ebony and Sam.

All I can say is DRAMA . . .

They will entertain you discussing topics such as current gossip, how to be a successful promoter, history of urban nightlife, sexuality and relationships revolving around nightlife and even touching on crucial issues like how to make the game better.

Time to voice your opinion as the PARTY GOER. Nightlife is at an all time low. Tune in Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays to here the latest on whats going on in the Urban Scene.

Click Here to hear the Show

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Debunking The TRUTHS of Nightlife

Broke Club Girls

ATTENTION Promoters, Event coordinators, VIPS , Socialites , Myspacers. Last week I was forwarded a message about club chicks titled the 31 Flavors of Nitelife: Are you a Broke Club Chicken? I was very appalled at the scenarios of what determines a "broke" club chick. I actually think it was a manifesto of HATERISM. Not because it offended me because I know who I am but because it classified every party girl who frequents the urban scene as broke.

Broke adj. Informal Bankrupt. Lack of Funds.

Now I am going to provide the REAL Blueprint for all and debunk these so called TRUTHS.

Now I agree that the URBAN party scene in NYC is at a all time low but there are more factors to which to take heed.

NYC Broke club chicks or Party Girls better referred to as CLUB GIRL or Urban Sociaite?

1. Socialites know it is tacky to expect just because you know a promoter you should automatically get COMP'D at the door esp if you weren't personally invited to attend by which I mean you are actually FRIENDS other than on Myspace. If the event is poppin they don't mind paying a cover to get in but if they happen to get there early it is definitely not because the FREE B4 but because they want to make the most of their nite in regards to networking and having a good time.

2. A True SOCIALITE will not sit at just anyone's table just because they are bottle poppers they have to be invited or know the person who is offering the liquor most likely the person is poppin bottles for a special occasion. Most times guys stress you rockin with them all nite just because they shared their liquor and who wants to be obliged to a stranger? Club girls at the end of the nite don't mind buying their OWN drink or even paying for their homegirl's too. But how can you network if you are impaired or enjoy yourself if you can't remember what you did the nite before.

3. Broke club chicks will wait in front of the cashier booth for 15-60 minutes until a promoter they recognize can give them clearance to get in for free. A Socialite will be recognized by staff and COMP'D automatically without a second glance.

4. If you have ONLY $40 in your bank account you shouldn't be at a club. A Club Girl will have enough cash for her cab, coat check, and other essentials and then have $100 extra for her "FUCK YOU" money in case her friends or significant other acts up at the end of the nite.

5. Broke club chicks will approach a promoter they never spoke to before but will make nice & friendly cause the promoter is producing a can't miss event now and they need to get in for free But Socialites will network to for future business ventures to make money.

6. A Club Girl's myspace public photo galleries only consist of party websites flicks because Myspace is for entertainment ONLY. Her private pics are meant for friends only or they keep their private life off of Myspace altogether.

7. Broke club chicks will jump off the line once the doorman says the "Guest list is closed" ladies. The admission is now $20. (They scatter faster than roaches in the light) I say true to that . . . But I never missed a party . . .

8. Club girls AND Socialites hook up with their friends at the local eatery after the club for part 2 of a good times. The best way to bond is over food at your favorite after hours spot.

9. HATE ALERT!!!! Broke club chicks will have a fucked up nasty hair style but will tell you its Afrocentric or NEO-style. (this one is unbelievably untrue . . . Hater!!!) A TRUE club girl has her own personal style and looks good regardless of the eccentricity.

10. Broke club chicks are still trying to snag athletes, entertainers , ballers, Top DJ's even after they sleep with them and then wonder why I am still alone and why is he not calling me back? (your not an investment broke club chick). If you give up the ass for nothing, what do you think you should expect back? NOTHING. A Socialite has to turn down a high frequency of the men including athletes, promoters and other socialites in the clubs because they are recognize as one of the last of the dying breeds of GOOD women.

P.S. ladies stop sleeping with security guards to get in the club for free also. (This was funnny hahaha)

11. Broke club chicks will hound, hassle & haggle down a promoter for a discount party ticket or a drink ticket which is just tacky. A club girl has her OWN $$$

12. Broke club chicks only voyage on the water is any boat ride party on the "Queen of Hearts". or the Staten Island ferry. LMFAO

13. Broke club chicks favorite color is black (black tights, black boots/pumps and a black top) cost overall is $15 and can be repeated a 1,000 times. A True club girl will be able to re-invent an outfit but RARELY repeats

14. HATE ALERT!!! Broke club chicks constantly hate on chicks who don't live in the club like they do and who makes more money then them. Club Girls look beyond the horizon for lucrative opportunities in and out of nitelife and appreciate people who posses the same ambitions.

15. Broke chicks PERIOD can tell you every single detail about any dude that spends money crazy in the club or has a hot whip. They know where he lives, who's his baby mama, social security # , when he gets paid and how to get his attention.

16. It is ALWAYS good to make friends in the club as well as EVERYWHERE who share the same ambition and drive as you. United we can accomplish a lot. "You are the company you keep"

17. Broke chicks always counts someone else's money and can live with they're parents until a man scoops them up. (this means never) A club girl as well as any functioning women should be able to balance her life as well as have her situation in order not allowing nitelife or any other form of recreation to provide as a deterrence. Everyone needs a LIFE check but don't blame it on the clubs.

18. Broke club chicks will take the train to a party and pray someone can give them a lift back home cause all they have is a metro card. A club girl will take whatever is convenience but most likey will pay for a cab to get to the club so she has enough time to BEAUTIFY.

19. HATE ALERT!!! Broke club chicks would say they are a model to get certain perks. (absolutely no urban model has any real money) No chick in the club has Naomi or Tyra money and real models don't hang in PLUMM. Celebrity and $$ are two different things. Give credit when credit is due . . .

20. Broke club chicks have the slowest motion when taking what little money they have out of there wallet. Lmao . . . A true club girl will pay for EVERYTHING just to avoid delay . . .

21. Broke club chicks at the end of the day can't offer anything to good guys but sex and drama. (fellas it is impossible to wife a chick from the club. The percentage is a 15% success rate) if she is in the club 2-3 times a week then she is not for you and the club is all she knows. Club Girls can range from regular party girls who enjoy a good time to socialites and networking bees. When engaging in any relationship you should have your guard up but don't discriminate.

22. Broke club chicks set they're calendar around club events. They title the parties "The Main event" of my life because they can't afford to club often.

23. Broke club chicks will ask a guy to buy a drink and then get mad at the guy because he didn't offer to give her cab fare and drinks for her girls. (can you believe that? Ignorant broads smh).

24. HATE ALERT!!! Broke club chicks use the sidekick/blackberry only to text each other about parties and plotting on the next dude to help they're broke ass out. (texts are never about making any money or anything uplifting/important) Blackberry, Sks, and other smart phones/MDA/PDA devices are used to conduct business and we all have them. EVERYONE knows that!!!

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Dear Nightlife


I can understand the middle finger in club . . .

But on the RED CARPET at the BET Awards? NO!!!

Photo Credit: 20/20 Photography by Ase Boogie

Seen on the Scene

Pooch aka "Derwin" from The Game at Prana this Month

Pooch with OBM Promoters

Doesnt he look like a Ninja turtle? lol Shirt very fitting . . . CUTE!!!!

Watered Down Liquor?

So I was wondering WHY I drink but never get a BUZZ

Apparently it has been revealed by the NY Post that some popular clubs in Nightlife were fined thousands of dollars for a number of discrepancies by the State Liquor Authority such as finding insects in the area they serve liquor including inside the bottles that contained liquor to not serving liquor in their proper container and altering the product.

Some of the venues listed in the article as sited for the unsanitary conditions included my favorite after-work spot Ultra as well as others that are popular amongst urban nightlife such as BLVD and Marquee. In relation to these particular clubs, the fine violations that were mentioned as well were not properly displaying their Liquor license and not having a proper cabaret license.

There are two violations I found highly interesting regarding Marquee whose staggering fines of $100,000 could have put them out of business in October 2008. They were fined for allowing a "disorderly" climate that led to fights in their club which in laymen terms refereed to the type of crowd to which they patron. The other was having non-registered bodyguards which was a big issue in the Immette St. Guillen murder which Daryl Littlejohn who was a bodyguard with a criminal history that was recently found guilty of killing her after meeting her one night while working at a NY bar.

Murders, safety concerns, NYS violations and watered down liquor, Nightlife is at an all time low could this get any worse?

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Its cool to have FUN and party but WHY look like a fool?

Ok So YOU Think You're AMBER

I Love Amber Rose just like the next but this EMULATION in the clubs is going TOO far

Would the REAL Amber Rose Please Stand up while the rest of these b*tches sit the eff DOWN

Happy 4th of July!!!

I know we are all glad to finally kick off the beginning of a GREAT and hopefully RAIN FREE summer with this 3 and possibly for some of you 4 day weekend. Well I would like to here how you the READERS are spending your 4th of July. With all the events ranging from All White Affairs to Cookout and outdoor concerts, How are you rockin' out?

Last night I kicked off my weekend at The Governors Ball at Providence

Me and Boss Lady getting our ALL WHITE on at Providence

You can submit your story HERE in the comments section as well as a link to a pic of you having a good time.

For a picture to make it easy you can use twit pic uploader at or you ubertwitter twit pic link. You can also submit a link to any other album share such as photobucket or facebook if you know how.

I look forward to hearing your stories

Porfolio Updated: I Been Gone For A Minute

But Im BACK with the Jumpoff

Ok was I MISSED? I had to take a little break from blogging to expand my business ventures and to network just a little. In my absence I managed to begin building my Makeup Portfolio.

I Hope You Like

I have recently done some makeup for events this summer check it out

Behind the Scenes of The Fabric Twinz Fashion Show


So I got the pleasure on working on Fashion Obsession presented by The Fabric Twinz as a Makeup Artist or an MUA for short. First off I would like to say that the beauty squad was PHENOMENALLY talented from the MUA's to the hairstylists and they did a great job of transforming the models into the state of FABULOSITY.

Check ME at Work . . .

Makeup By My Pink Monkey

Makeup By My Pink Monkey

Like I said I didnt do this alone. Other notably talented MUA's include Taj Ceasar, Natalie Nicole, and Shekela Joseph

Taj (left) alongside up and coming Singer Avnah E Makeup by Taj

Taj is a seasoned makeup artist who has worked with some of my favorite local photographers such as Novahcaine and Astonishingly Photos as well as did makeup for Killa Keda in the past. Taj's Myspace

Natalie Nicole

Natalie Nicole is an up and coming makeup artist who has a great understanding of colors. Her creative approach to beauty is artistic and avant guarde at times. Natalie Nicole's Myspace

Shekela Joseph

Shekela is not only an MUA, she is a seasoned model as well and assisted as a Model Coach for the fashion show. Contact her at

Felipe G Celebrity Hairstylist

Makeup Rates

I start at $40 a face for 1 look.

I am available to do makeup for events such as weddings, birthdays, special occasions, or if you just want to look nice on a night out on the town

I have foundation for all skin tones and lashes are included in the looks. I will also expand my makeup kit with special materials per project if necessary

More than one Model I charge a kit fee per model and I go by a daily rate.

Half Days 4 to 5 hours

Half days $160 plus a kit fee per extra model

Full days are 6 hours or more

Full days include two models and is $350 plus a kit fee per extra models

Kit fees range depending on the type of makeup that is used. A standard kit fee is $10.

I have special consideration for limited budget projects HOWEVER NO TFP OR TFCDs projects.

I look forward to working with you.

If you have any questions email me at

Didnt They Split???

"I'd Give Anything for a Blonde Dyke/ And She'll Do Anything for the Limelight"

Kanye West with Model Amber Rose on BET Awards Red Carpet in LA

She may not be his BLACK KATE MOSS but I really could care less about who Kanye West is bonin'

I rather focus on Why is it cool to be an accessory or ASS-cesory, in this case, to a man rather than a companion?

Either way Amber Rose is WORN well . . .


They Work Miracles . . .

Last fall Shana Chin opened Diva Salon, a Dominican style salon, located in the Bronx, 19 E Tremont Ave. accessible by the D and 4 trains and the Bx 36, Bx 1 and 2 bus lines.

The deep conditioning combined with their special hair steam machine will leave your hair feeling luxurious once it is roller set and blown out by one of her talented Beauticians.

Last Saturday I walked in there looking a mess . . .

After: Keep in mind I dont Perm or Relax my hair

Now I dont trust many people with my hair but I took a chance and LOVED IT!!! Go Visit Diva Salon Today *Open from Monday thru Saturday*

Photo of the Week: RIP MICHAEL JACKSON

Kevin A Richards Photography

Queens Day

WHERE:Roy Wilkins Park Queens,NY

WHEN: Saturday August 1st

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