PRICELESS: A Sexy Success

Thank You OMB, Grae Enterprises and Mike Mogul

A warm Saturday night chatting on the balcony with friends, the glass runneth over with white wine all night, and mingling with Urban Socialites while music play was the exact description of the event at Haven located on 52st between 2nd and 3rd Ave.

People came out dressed in their best attire to party right. The time I spent I greatly appreciated it because its been soooo long since someone has made an effort to bring the SEXY back to Nightlife.

Cant wait for the next event!!!

Priceless . . .

Outfit: $150
Hair: $60
Babysitter: $40
Cab: $20
Going to the Club knowing if you dont follow the dress code you wont be admitted: PRICELESS

OBM, Mike Mogul, and Grae Enterprises PRESENTS PRICELESS at the new super sexy venue HAVEN

Saturday, April 18
Location: 244 E 52ND BET 2ND AND 3RD
Ladies free until 1230am on guestlist

Please this event is bringing back the SEXY to Nightlife Dress Code will be STRICTLY enforced


Come join Mike Mogul and Friends for Bowling and Patron Shots

Bolwmor Lanes

12th St and University
Time: 8pm SHARP!!!

I will be here . . . Will YOU?

Pics from last week

Cheap Dress Police

I KNOW Its Spring But WHY All The Colors

You can look nice for a bargain but apparently these woman had no taste . . .

Happy Birthday King Keino

Infatution at TOUCH for King Keino of Third Lane

Celebrating his birthday once again in style, he had hundreds of people standing outside on 52nd st and Broadway unable to get in while we shook our tail feathers to Da Union on the turn tables and Fame Fortune hosting on the microphone. I had fun.

The Best Damn Host PERIOD Fame Fortune

The Tea Bag Boys: DJ Will of Da Union, King Keino, Sha, DJ Self of Da Union

A Little Treat: The Tea Bag Song

Club Etiquette: Feet

Its nice for a change to see people wearing good shoes with their feet looking proper . . .



When showing your feet keep you feet and toes up to par

PLEASE . . .

I Like . . .

Now I would usually have something negative to say about an outfit like this. But the difference is she carried herself very well in this outfit and she wore it well unlike others in the pass who wore a similar style



Rainy Days . . .

Throwback of the Day . . .


Label Whore

Didnt Know Louie made this . . .

Im tired of people being soooo desperate to wear a NAME BRAND that they buy something like THIS . . .

Whatever happened to AUTHENTICITY . . . Just because it says LOUIS VUITTON does not make it ok

Abstract Art

Photography 101: Black and White Can Fix ANYTHING

Or Can It?

LOL . . .

Picnic Anyone?

Bling'd Out Crayola Box?

Top Model Casting RETURNS


The Penn Plaza Pavilion located at the Hotel Pennsylvania
401 7th Avenue, 18th Floor
New York, NY 10001-2062
(Entrance is on 33rd street between 6th and 7th)
Registration will begin at 7:00am.
(Updated April 9 @ 9pm)

AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL returns to New York City on Saturday, April 11 to hold one final open call for Cycle 13. Same requirements as before fr Cycle 13, females age 18 to 27, of diverse backgrounds, shapes, sizes and with a height requirement of 5′7″ and under are eligible to audition.

Here's the catch . . .

The location will be posted on later this week . . .

Audition Rules and Guidelines:

1. No lining up overnight and no lining up prior to 6:00am. Registration will begin at 7:00am. These times may be amended at Producer’s discretion.

2. Proof of age is required to enter the line. Acceptable identification must include picture and birth date.

3. Colors of wristbands indicate when your scheduled audition time will be. If your scheduled audition time is several hours or more from the time that you receive your wristband, then we encourage you to leave and come back.

4. Only women applying should stand in line. If someone is just short of being 18, she can have one guardian with her. Please note that you must turn 18 by April 15, 2009 to audition.

5. Please make sure that you have everything you need to audition before you get into any line (for wristbands, etc.). You will only be allowed one bag that can fit comfortably on your lap inside the venue. This will be enforced by security.

6. No jumping in line or holding places in advance for others but it’s okay if you’re going to the restroom or getting food and water. You’re not guaranteed to be allowed back in line. Be courteous to others around you.

7. Casting staff will give special instructions for the disabled.

8. Once in the venue, no ins and outs.

9. Only one audition per open call - do not try again if you’ve been cut.

10. Casting staff wearing official ANTM gear outside the venue may ask you for information in advance but be careful who you talk to and avoid anyone trying to charge you anything to participate.

11. We reserve the right to change or add to these rules as needed.

AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL is produced by 10 by 10 Entertainment in association with Bankable Productions. Tyra Banks is the creator and executive producer along with Ken Mok (”Making the Band”) and Daniel Soiseth (”Hell’s Kitchen”).

Beauty Must Have . . .

Max Factor Vivid Impact Eyeshadow Duo

MAX Factor Vivid Impact Eye Shadow is a double-ended loose powder eye shadow that delivers high impact colors with the first application. The loose powder eye shadow comes in bold color combinations that provide you with everything you could ever desire in an eye shadow including dramatic hues and soft and precise application.

Beauty Must Have . . .

Loreal True Match

In my kit when I go out on photoshoots I use Mac Foundation sticks because it is easy to blend and make a custom made shade on whomever I am doing makeup for at the time. Regardless of the color person I am able to match them.

However that is for impromptu service. Many of the models I have worked on I have met for the first time so blending makeup isnt a problem but it can be annoying.

I always recommend that you experiment with foundations to find what fits best for you. Different brands have different formulas some may be good for fair skinned people while others specialize in darker tones.

A foundation I SWEAR by is Loreal Tru Match in W8.

* True Match Makeup precisely matches your skin's texture and tone and coordinates perfectly with True Match Powder, Blush, and Concealer.
* Formulated with Opti-Blend™ Complex so you can control coverage and fine-tune it.
* Micro-fine optical pearls blur imperfections.
* Packed with vitamins B and E and glycerin to nourish skin.
* Ultra-pure formula contains no oils, fragrances, or pore-clogging fillers.
* Available in 24 skin-true shades.
* SPF 17 Sunscreen.
* Made in USA.

click here to view the product

I Blame Lola

What is up with women wearing sheer see through stockings to the club as leggings?

This is NOT cool . . .

Dont Get Caught

Side Boo?

I know she was mad when she got home and saw the pics . . .

Looking Kinda Young . . .

The SLEEVES that is . . .

Just because it SAYS Dolce and Gabbana does not mean it is ok . . . Take your Lil' Brother's shirt off

Thanks In Advance

Beauty Must Have: Tools

I LIVE by these tools. I like them better than my MAC brushes. Best of it all you can buy the mini set at your local drugstore.

Well I didnt start off using these brushes but I noticed my profession tools like my blusher brush starting to shed especially when I was working on a face. I needed some new tools because its always good to have more than one of the same brush that does the same thing.

I went to Duane Reade and I fell in LOVE.

Eco Tools are super soft to the face made with synthetic bristles that are easy to use when applying makeup. Best of all they are ECO-Friendly made with bamboo and recyclable aluminum which have a low impact on the earth's resources.

Beauty Must Have . . .

St. Ives Medicated Apricot Scrub with Salicylic Acid

I have used this product for over 8 years. It has stuck with me through the ups and downs of my skin tribulations always getting me through a "bumpy" situation.

My advice to those with problem skin especially with oily acne prone skin is to exfoliate with this product regularly on a minimum one to two times a week basis. Best if you exfoliate right before you put on your makeup so that it could take to your face.

If you use makeup everyday and by makeup I mean a FULL FACE ie. Foundation, Powder, Blush etc. then it is ok to exfoliate more ofter because of the build up the products can cause on your face and in your pores.

Be sure to use the MEDICATED one with salicylic acid because this is a chemical used to help with exfoliation as well as treatment of existing blemishes.
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