What The Hell is Going On?

When Did THAT Become Cool?

Girls kissing girls in the club?!?

They must have been bored . . .

What is Urban Nightlife coming to these days?

Ladies Love Cool Aston

Yes, it is true the ladies ALL love Aston (pronounced As-Tuhn)

Not only is he one of my favorite nightlife photographers he is talented overall with some of his work featured in popular urban publications.

Well this month is his birthday and I would like to extend the invite to all of you

Come out and support Aston of

Where: Level X

When: Saturday, January 31st

Music by Sound Proof Int'l and DJ Boogie

This event is powered by Mike Mogul and Why Inc.

For More Info visit

Slim Thug at Guesthouse

Hot Off The Press

Last night rapper Slim Thug made an appearance at NYC Club, Guesthouse. There he made impromptu performance click here to see more pics.

Popular to the mixtape industry with already two projects released under KOCH Records, his long awaited album Boss of All Bosses is due to release on March 24th which is his first OFFICIAL STUDIO release on the label. Prior to that his freshman album Already Platinum was released under label The Neptunes Star Trak via Geffen Records which was considered one of the best rap albums of 2005.

Woodgrain Wheel - Slim Thug

The PINK Experience Presents

Come out and support The Pink Experience. It is an organization assembled by professional women of all backgrounds who want to promote networking and the idea of balancing the home, the family, and a social life.

Where: Villa 735 2nd Ave Between 39th and 40th St

When: Friday January 30th

Doors Open at 10 pm

For RSVP email

Spandex NO-NO

I'm Speechless . . . Whatever happened to tunics?

She needs to cover that and FAST!

Long Overdue: I'm So Special

Don't you think it is about time Mavado came out with a video for his song "I'm So Special." The video was made for promotion in light of the upcoming album Mr. Brooks...A Better Tomorrow due to release in March.

Is it just me? But I have grown tired of hearing the song. Its a very popular track as it is, and for a while now it has been in heavy rotation in the clubs and on the radio. The new video is a great refresher to the song so I can watch it now a hundred times over.

I love Mavado.

Im in Love With a Stripper

Nightlife has provided a variety of venues to host their events but a strip club?

I'm not a stranger to the strip club and I actually enjoy an occasional trip to Sue's Rendezvous in Mount Vernon but is this a cutting edge idea or is Nightlife going too far for a lucrative profit?

Whatever it is, it seems like its working for the weekly event Star Status Friday's at Club Krystals in Queens featuring Hot 97's own DJ Envy. For a month now, Club Krystals has been the place to be. Check it out.

A Different Me

Keyshia Cole: A New Album, A New Nose?

Keyshia has definitely transformed into something different.

When I recently seen this picture I was like "WOW" she sure has cleaned up her image and actually managed to keep it up. She has attained such a radiance that it is surprisingly striking. However, there was something "Different" about her that I couldn't quite put my finger on.

Not only does she have a different softer sound on her new album in contrast to the usual raspy soulful ballads we all know and love but a new nose to complete the package.

Here is a comparison of Keyshia's before and after pictures. You be the judge.

Jay Z's New Track: When The Money Goes

A new song from Jay Z has surfaced online Tuesday afternoon called "When the Money Goes." The track has a similar concept to 50 cent's "21 Questions" asking his girl about her commitment to him if things should take a turn for the worse.

Will you stand by your Boo in hard times?

It's a Recession, we are all vulnerable in times like this. The wrong investment whether it be time, effort, or actual money can cost us ALL we have and then POOF no more comfortable lifestyle.

More importantly, Is your relationship strong enough with your circle whether it be your spouse, partner, family members, friends or even your God to withstand these trials?

Take a Listen and Think about it, What would you do when the money goes?

When The Money Goes - Jay-Z

Obama Fever: Quote of the Week

Young Jeezy Speaks

He told in regards to making his song "My President"

"But if I can say one word, I'll say 'necessary.' I felt it was necessary. I never ever paid attention to any election. [I'm] not really [into] politics or anything like that. It never benefited us. This time around, it's not a black-or-white thing — you got somebody in there for us that's well-spoken and gonna handle their business. I just wanted to do my part and let them know we need change, we need help, it's rough out there."

Obama Fever has truly brought political awareness to all types of people encouraging them to get involved and voice their opinion in regards to the betterment of our Government.

Last week Beyonce spoke backstage at the Inaugural Ball about how Obama inspired her click here to listen

Obama Fever: At Last!

Beyonce could not have said it better, Do you remember Bush's inauguration ball or even Clinton's? No one have taken more pride than into everything surrounding Obama. Having Barack Obama as our 44th President is so inspiring, and I too like Beyonce want to be a better person, a smarter person because of it.

Get It Together

Lately I have been noticing more and more how they just allow ANYONE into the club. It is one thing to just allow anyone one, but on an individual's part it is another to just come out looking any old way.

Now when I arrive to the club, the first thing I do is head for the bathroom. You have to check you hair and makeup because traveling can take a toll on those types of things with this winter weather we have had these past few weeks. The most important thing to check before you leave the bathroom, however, is check your FIT!!!

Why do you choose to party looking a HOT MESS?

Isn't this by far the most stankest thing you have seen? Stop selling CRACK! We don't want it. Buy jeans that fit it is NOT cool to "show your ass"

Spandex is not for everyone nor it is to be worn with just anything. A nice tunic instead of a regular short sleeve shirt would have covered that unbearable muffin top.

Some things are correctable like here, she could have easily pulled up her zipper and avoided the embarrassment of seeing her fly down when the pictures were uploaded the next day.

Charli Baltimore: The Forgotten Piece

Now I loved the Hollywood Version of BIG's story however keep in mind there was a lot more to the story. A lot more drugs, A lot more drama, and Big and Faith's relationship was a lot more rockier than the love triangle between Big, Kim, and Faith.

The story conveniently leaves out Charli B. In real life she was another woman Big use to messed with seriously. The house in Philadelphia she lived in, Big bought it for her. Even his best friend Dream Hampton consigned the fact Charli was always around "making her little chicken wings" when Big had the house in New Jersey as she told in an interview.

Most importantly when Faith was out, Charli B played her in Biggie's video "Get Money."

Let's Watch

East Coast VS West Coast: Suge Knight dissing Puffy

Do I even have to introduce?

Suge Knight at the Source Awards . . .

Was there ALWAYS drama at this show?

Naturi Naughton as Lil Kim

Lil Kim has some big shoes to fill but Miss Naughton played the hell out of that role. I was also taking by surprise and impressed with Naughton's lyrical performance as she was a former member of the girl R&B group 3LW. She did a VERY good job infusing the spunk and sexuality that Lil Kim as an artist exudes into the role.

Here is a clip from Naughton's interview featuring scene footage from NOTORIOUS


Ever since a Black man spoke of change

I lament the pain

As I go against the grain

Just to sustain

A better life for me and now my son

I contemplate the likelihood

What if a BLACK Man won?

That would be insane

The feeling of exhilaration already filling my veins

As I thirst for the innovation and change of our nation

The cure for the Black Man's strain

A social rise in our station

Goods days to come and less to complain

I see its not too far, here comes Change

All if a Black Man won

There will be less to loose

More to gain

An identity now defined

Finally, Pride for the Black people's name


Yo . . . In the movie I thought it was hilarious how they portrayed Diddy . . . The dude WAS always dancing around LMFAO

Take a look and see


The WRONG Type of Black Person

I am very pissed off . . . ok well just annoyed . . . some people can be so narrow-minded.

Today I had a condescending asshole tell me how the word “monkey” was a derogatory term for Blacks which I am well aware of and in spite I still refer to myself as the Pink Monkey. Monkey may also be perceived by some as the female private but I don’t care how many colloquialisms are associated with the word if that is not what I am representing or trying to convey.

Monkey as an international symbol represents a lot of positive things, that is why I choose to identify with it, and I choose to disregard the negativity because if you claim it, it’s yours in essence.

There is nothing negative about using the animal monkey to represent my vision and me. Monkeys in the Chinese Zodiac stand for cunning, agile, humanity, benevolence, playfulness, inspiration, wittiness and curiosity.

He was none the wiser and when I suggested that he needed to broaden his horizons since he claimed to be so well rounded with such a high GPA he insulted my education and lack of possessing a degree. He said as a Black woman I should know who Maya Angelou was or Toni Morrison and what they stood for as if I already don’t.

Maybe he thought he was doing some type of justice since today is a prominent holiday for Black people. Who knows?

He must not know what Pink Monkey stands for because coming at me in any way is asking for trouble. Monkeys are also known for loving mischief. So don’t F*** with me.

Ok, I may seem overly sensitive but he tried to challenge my education and intelligence and was extremely condescending by pointing out those black history facts, as if I’m too stupid to known them already.

Anyone who decides to bestow knowledge that is suppose to uplift us as Black people is surely diffusing the purpose by simultaneously putting the same Black person down.

In conclusion, there is such a thing as the WRONG type of Black person.

Please I ask everyone to broaden their mind and views in regards to the world as a whole. We should know OUR History. We should know Black History. But there is sooooo much to learn from every culture and civilization and to limit ourselves in that essence is defeating the purpose of progression and achieving higher plateaus like Martin Luther King Jr has striven to do and Barack Obama has done.

Happy MLK Jr Day

Violence and Nightlife: Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend

With this being one of the most monumental weekends for Black History why does it have to be plagued with violence in Nightlife?

Not only does this weekend mark the birthday of the Black Revolutionary of the Civil Rights Movement Martin Luther King Jr, or the premiere of a biopic movie of one of the GREATEST Hip Hop Revolutionaries Christopher "Notorious BIG" Wallace but this weekend marks the inauguration of our FIRST Black President Barack Obama.

Why is it impossible to get through the weekend without one of our Black people being gunned down or stabbed?

Four men are in hospital after they were stabbed this weekend at an unofficial afterparty at the Brooklyn venue Djumbala for the film premiere of NOTORIOUS. A 21-year-old victim is in a critical condition at Brookdale Hospital. Three other men was wounded in the incident as well.

Last year around this time there were also numerous incidents, one involving the former Times Square nightclub Spotlight Live where one man from Newark, NJ was killed and 6 other people including a woman were stabbed. Another man popular to the urban scene was also wounded in a shooting that same weekend however he recovered.

After all Martin Luther King Jr. stood and died for, after the tragedy of loosing Biggie, after the triumph of a Black man winning the election when will violence especially amongst Blacks come to an end?



In Honor of the movie release I came across a BK Official Mix by DJ Diverse



Sean "Diddy" Combs Confesses, “I Want My Spirit Back”

When Biggie was murdered, Diddy lost his spirit.

Taken from the Diddy Biggie Blog #2 Confessional Part 1 "Closure":

"It broke my heart," Diddy said of Biggie's death. "It took my spirit.

"A major part of me, of course, was gone," he continued later. "Also, at the same time, I just wasn't having fun. I let my spirit be taken. I think that's [what happened with] a lot of us involved."

"I look in all of our eyes and we just ain't the same," Diddy explained. "I don't wanna go, 'We'll never be the same.' No. We can be better. We can learn from the situation. It may have taken 10 or 12 years. But I want my spirit back. I want you to have your spirit back. I want to have fun again when I'm making music. I want to have fun again in life."

I couldn’t agree more with Diddy on when you go through something devastating or loose someone close how it is hard to recuperate where that you are never the same.

You may not ever be the same. However, you have to strive and be better.

I think I am going to cry when I see this movie. Take off work and go out and see it!!!

Check out Diddy Biggie Blog #2 Confessional Part 2 "The LA Story"

Fav Diva Pic of the WEEK

Its my Favorite DIVA looking curvaceous as always at the Golden Globes earlier this week

Diva (Prod. By Bangladesh) -F-N-H- BABY!! - Beyonce

You Don't Know a Person Until You Walk a Mile in Their Shoes

But don't put on shoes that looked like you walked a MILE!

Women, learn how to put a shoe to rest.

I DON'T CARE if it is your favorite shoe learn how to say GOODBYE.

A pet peeve of mine when I go to the club is seeing females wear shoes that are too worn especially with a nice outfit.

Creased up, heel worn down until it is leaning, scuffs on the tip of the shoes. We all love a broken in shoe but DAMN!

Don't you understand your shoes are just as crucial as an accessory for a well put together outfit?

Well if you didn't know, NOW you do so DON'T do it again

It's time to put those chewed up Jimmy Choo's to rest. R.I.P.

Next Week: Toes That Overlap


Girls please for the sake of fashion NO MORE TUTUs in the club. At least give it a rest.

I’m all for looking different and I loved the 80’s Madonna “Like a Virgin” era. But there are way too many generic carbon copies of the same outfit in a variety of colors. Pink, Purple, Turquoise, and lastly Red being the most popular worn. None of these ensembles have any innovative creativity and they ALL lack major swag.

Anyone can purchase some frilly material from the fabric store and have someone sew it together and then get a corset from Fredrick’s and voila!

You have THIS

Photo Courtesy of

Or This
Photo Courtesy of

I DON’T CARE IF IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY. They even got Tiffany aka New York from The Flava of Love doing it.

How tacky
Photo Courtesy of Splash News

Why Did She Do THAT to Herself?

WTF Outfit of the Day

Jaslene Former ANTM Winner at Oxygen's ANTM Launch Party

The Dress: Love it or Hate it?

Let Me Introduce The Real World Brooklyn

From Left to Right: Devyn, Sarah, Chet, Ryan, Baya, Kaitlynn, Scott, and JD

They all want to be famous . . . minus a few who is just are trying to find their place in life

Clearly MTV is trying to reach a larger demographic and keep up with the changing times by assembling this diversified cast for The Real World Brooklyn

He is the Iraq Veteran which already implies he may be conflicted with some serious issues. He is a writer, artist, and musician. He also seems uncomfortable with sexuality and this might pose as a problem in a house riddled with almost half of his roommates identifying with the LBGT community.

Chet: Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah he grew up Mormon and because of that he is a VIRGIN. My first take on him was "I bet u he's gay," I don’t mean to stereotype him but he likes pink and purple, he sews and the first thing he asked one of his female roommates was if she thought he was gay. Chet also comes across as uncomfortable with sexuality. He might also be typecast as an instigator due to his “big mouth” by the infamous producer's show edits.

Devyn: Midwestern Beauty queen looking to be famous. In the first episode they point out there are no dumb blondes for cast mates. I think they overlooked someone. In the first episode she couldn't stop drooling over Scott's abs. With her large boobs and boy crazy ways I think Devyn will take to this role very well.

Kaitlynn: The Transgender. This is a FIRST for MTV, Can you say DRAMA? Recently post-opt, she hasn't disclosed to her roommates that she use to be a man not as if they couldn't tell anyway.

Baya: She came to NYC to dance. My first assumption was "Great we have a stripper on our hands." But I was wrong, she is not according to her profile she is actually a trained hip hop dancer who currently DJs in the NYC area.

Sarah: Tattered up eccentric she classifies herself as "weird." She studied to be an art therapist. For the majority of her relationships she dealt with women but now she has the “one” back home. A man (Go figure).

JD: He's a cutie but of course he is GAY. Back home in Miami he is a Dolphin trainer. He survived an abusive childhood and he seems like the healer of the house and the protector over the ones who seem vulnerable like Kaitlynn. While in NY he served as an advocate for an LGBT organization as well as help register 1,000 NY voters for this past election.

Scott: Personal trainer and aspiring model with GREAT abs. He is the alpha male of the cast.

I believe sparks will fly come second episode.

My guess is this season will be like no other, foremost there’s an unusual amount of 8 cast members this time around. I even think they will work separately this season in different fields unlike past seasons where the cast would work for one company as a team.

Stay Tuned

Real World Brooklyn

Wednesday 10 pm on MTV

Brooklyn Go Hard - Jay Z
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