Just Kidding 

But it looked like her . . . Did anyone see her Twiticon? CLICK HERE

This is a MAJOR . . . .


I dont care WHO you see doing this or HOW MUCH money they have 

Wearing shoes that have your toes waving *Hi* to the world when you walk is a NO NO

I hope I dont see too many offenders this summer but Ciara you was DEAD wrong for this

Ciara wearing the Spring 2010 Versace Shoe Line

Daily Prayer . . .

I came across a version of this in Lil Wayne's Letter Home from jail . . . At the end he quotes the 1st and the 3rd stanza which is also a tattoo he has. I thought it interesting I googled the entire prayer.

Dear God, as I begin this day
Let me turn my thoughts to you
and ask Your help in guiding me
In everything I say and do.

Give me the patience that I need
To keep my piece of mind,
And with life's cares, I hope, Dear God,
Some happiness to find.

Let me live but for today,
Not worrying what's ahead,
For I have trust that You will see
I get my "Daily Bread".

Give me the courage to face life's trials
And not from troubles run,
Let me keep this thought in mind,
"Thy will, not mine, be done."

And if some wish I do not get
Though I have prayed to Thee,
Help me to believe and understand
You know what's best for me.

I've failed You many times, I know,
But when tonight I rest,
I hope that I can kneel and say
"Dear God, I've tried my best."


If you want to write Lil Wayne during his stay in Rikers Send your letters to:

Eric M. Taylor Center (EMTC)
Dwayne Carter NYSID# 02616544L
10-10 Hazen Street
East Elmhurst, NY 11370

Biggie Tribues Continue . . .

Unsigned Brooklyn Hype Rapper Troy Ave and his Tribute, My BIGGIE duets  . . .

Brooklyn Goes Hard . . .

Best Dress'd: Eye Candy at The Lab

Im not a fan of the Coogi dress in the clubs but she looked nice . . .

I loved the print of her dress and how it draped over her body. You don't need to have a skin tight outfit to be sexy ladies. Less can be more #takenotes

Pretty girl but not too impressed by her dress however I loved her makeup. A nicely done smokey eye.

Yay or Nay?

BIG IN NY at The Lab

Courtesy of

If you missed it SLIT YA WRIST!!!

Honoring Something from Way Back . . .

"When I had the Red and Black Lumber Jack with the hat to match"
When: Tonight, March 9th at 9pm
Where: The Lab on Fulton and Brooklyn Ave

You should be here tonight to celebrate the Life of the Notorious One  . . . NO EXCUSES

Footage of the NOTORIOUS BIG Slaying

All I can say is WOW

The Funeral: Christopher Wallace aka The Notorious BIG


Christopher BIG Wallace May 21, 1972 – March 9, 1997

Who doesn't remember this day?

Whether you seen it on the news or was there in person, you can't tell me you didnt feel chills at the site of BIG's casket driving down the streets of Brooklyn

You Get No Love in the Club Perpetrating a FRAUD

According to Jim Jones, “Big was a fly dude to be that fat," he told MTV News. "If he was that big and telling us what to go wear, you knew he had a lot of splash to him. Back then, Coogi [sweaters] was like one of the finer things to buy. They were like 300, 400 [dollars] a pop. If you got the special-edition ones, they was running you like 600, 700 — you know, the [ones with the] fruity colors. It was just a thing you needed to have. So when you was running through [New York club] the Tunnel with that bottle of Cris in your hand and a Coogi on, girls is looking at you, like, 'That's a G right there. What's in the pockets?' Big definitely set the standard for splash and swagger when he was coming up."

And so it went.

If what you wear is a representation of how much money you have, then I’m tired of men and women in the club selling a fake dream.

You know that Louis V speedy runs about $5,000, so how did YOU get it when you live in the projects with your Mama, two kids, cousins and them?

What about the dude in the club rocking a Gucci hat, Fendi glasses and Prada shoes, but he is riding the train or passenger seating it with his homeboy?

Photo Courtesy of

Sigh . . . Either you do not have your priorities in order or the merchandise is fake, plain and simple.

Truth is the DIVA is not a real Diva and she spent so much money on her accessories that she CAN’T even buy her own drink therefore she needs the next dude to buy it which then in turn makes her NOT INDEPENDENT as the song goes.

The BALLER can’t call the shots or make it rain because between his Prada shoes and child support payments, his wad of SINGLES goes to the bottle of Grey Goose he has to share with his 5 homeboys.

Photo Courtesy of

I haven’t forgotten the ones who are really living the dream because in Nightlife they DO EXIST. Kudos to those that like dressing their best and have their situations together as in their own place, car, good job and the fact they wouldn’t be caught DEAD on Canal St but rather 5th Ave because they REALLY got it like that.

Photo Courtesy of

The Infamous Lil Kim Pose: Who Did it Better?

Now we all know the Infamous pose Lil Kim did for the posters to promote her debut album Hard Core in 1996. We all gasped once it hit the media, Rap vixen using her extreme sex appeal in hand with raunchiness, a suggestive squat and spread eagle in a bra and panties exposing an extremely fat cooch. Most loved it, some hated it but it was her that set the prerequisite for the women we see now in the clubs trying to recapture yet most fail at obtaining the same sexual intensity for their own personal repertoire on Myspace

With that being said, Who Did it Best?

Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne's protegee decided to pay homage to Lil Kim by doing a spread for her Mixtape. She puts a 2008 twist on the shoot, however, by adding an array of colors to her ensemble and a delicious looking lollipop. Imitation is the strongest form of flattery, or is it? She was then quoted by saying, "There's a place and deal for everyone in the business. You have to know your niche and be confident in that, take it and go..I know my lane is probably going to be 'sex sells' but at the end of the day, I know I've got skills."

Nicki Minaj rapping over Lil Kim's Song in '07

jump off 07 - Nicki Minaj

Then there is MOI. Here I am posing for a Seraphin Cognac Liquor promotional shoot at the Slyart Clothing Launch back in November. Complete amateur I swear.I guess we all need to cop a squat every now and then. But keep in mind I am wearing clothes.
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