Couture vs Mass Produced Retail

Ok I still can't get over the fact that the styles between high end fashion and regular retail fashion are respectively similar

But don't get it twisted this is not a recent revelation its just becoming more and more apparent that NOW I have to speak on it

One of my favorite movies of ALL time is the Devil Wears Prada I can soooooo relate to Anne Hathoways character

But do you remember the scene where she put her foot in her mouth when refering to a belt of a particular color?

Well it spark the "Devil" herself to go in a rant about how designers selections trickle down into mass marketed retail items

The color or theme of a couture line influences even the cheapest mass produced items like the $5 tee you purchased at Danice or Pretty Girl

A style I was a fan of and probably one of the first chicks to ORIGINALLY put the outfit together which was the black high waist pencil skirt with an all white blouse

Top model cycle 10 did a couture shoot with a similar style with a burlesque twist and that was my intial inspiration

Before that I never seen an outfit like that put together in the way I had it I mean the last few seasons. The style wasn't common. I mean I had the shirt for years and high waist pencil skirts just came back in style

All I wanted was to look cute for the Xmas party at Plumm :-D

After a few months they started to mass produce this particular outfit added some ruffles and make it an all in one where the shirt was attached to the skirt

I thought the idea was kinda tacky (the one piece) but hey . . . EVERYBODY was in the club with it on

Now back to shoes . . .

Today someone said only people like Beyonce should splurge on a pair of shoes like Louboutins. Retail price for pumps start at $700 and Boots $1500. She had VERY good points and is totally right . . . For those with responsibilities it IS a waste of money

But I am starting to think stars are being undercharged because I pay $100 on average per pair of shoes which is roughly a tenth of the median of high end shoe's price range . . .


I KNOW Beyonce dont make 10 times what I make lol

Louboutins vs Innovative Style

Ok I was plotting on SPLURGING and getting this very coveted brand of shoes . . . .

Im a shoe fanatic . . . I LOOOOOOVE a good shoe . . . and my feet are BIG so I NEED a good shoe to keep my feet pretty . . . No corns on these toes ::smiles::

Now If Ms. Bradshaw need her Blahnics . . . What about the PINK version?

I was searching for a nice pair of Christian Louboutin's . . . Ya know the INFAMOUS shoe with the RED Bottom . . . Jay Z spits a verse or two about them . . .

I crave a pair of pumps. Killer Heel. Great make.


I find these black suede ankle boots . . . Classic. Smple. A REAL sexy shoe . . .

ok . . . I like too . . .

But here is the catch . . . I was shopping for some shoes on 125th and in the store they have the same damn boot . . .(honestly its was a tad bit cuter minus the RED bottom) But these boots ARENT Louboutin but a high end subsiderary called Boutique 9, a Nine West brand smh . . .

Now I Love a good shoe . . . But I LOVE a GREAT bargin . . .

Hmmm . . . Is the RED Bottom really worth it???
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