So YOU call yourself a [fill in the blank]

People LOVE to hold these prestigious titles such as WRITER, DESIGNER, MODEL, CEO, MOGUL etc. but really fail to live up to the description these titles convey. They reap all the benefits and accolades their so-called labels reflect without putting out anything WORTHY of the attention and/or praise.

First, I have to say it is so EASY to WOW the masses with bullshit. People become FAMOUS or POPULAR just because and we, THE MASSES, feed into it, in turn making these subjects even MORE popular when all they possess is beauty, charisma, or just a good idea and not even an overwhelming amount of TALENT, just mediocre.

One thing is these SUBJECTS market themselves really well and convince others to do so too by gaining the MASSES support and captivating their attention.

People should be rewarded for what they ACTUALLY DO and not just what they CLAIM to want to do or accomplish . . . Im just saying . . .

Sometimes I feel I am too overly praise for the things that I do. Although I am grateful for the people that encourage me with their positive words and support but sometimes I just wanna say “it’s just not that serious.” Not to come off as ARROGANT but as being humble because the things people admire is only because they are looking from the outside into what they perceive to be my life.

This blog was pretty much intended to call out all the fake and phony self-proclaimed people. I wanted to stifle the state of procrastination by encouraging them to STOP saying what they are going to do and START doing what GOD enabled them to do (or so they claim) but it ended up promoting and even BIGGER message.

Lesson of the day: Don’t believe the hype. It is YOU, the masses, who give people power so be careful with the things your attention may encourage it could make the NEXT person FAMOUS. The rest I will leave for another blog.

Good Day!!!


A LITTLE TREAT: The Shotgun Poet

Workshop Goals
by Casting Director of Family Treo Productions Kacee Devoe

Our goal is for all students to learn that being a actor is about the ability to take on the challenge of committing to becoming someone else and making it believable. We focus on building self-esteem and confidence through improvisation and group exercises for the new actor. Students will leave this workshop with a new air of confidence, an extra boost of self-esteem and the acquired knowledge to follow the path of becoming an actor





Payment Plans are available!!!

Package Includes:

•Photo Shoot with Celebrity Photographer John Ricard for Headshots!

2 Looks

1 printed picture of each look

Disk with prints

•The Spirited Actor: Principles for a Successful Audition By: Tracey Moore


All Break Free students have free admission to “The Directing Actors Gym” that will be held after each session. The Actors Gym is a workshop given by Writer/Director Miles Maker. Actors will come and fledge out 3 page scripts in front of an audience of their peers and industry professionals. This is voluntary and students are not required to participate. They can simply watch if wanted.


CONTACT: (718) 450-0772


Removed from the internet this morning but I found another one!!!

Spectacular from Pretty Ricky getting his GRIND ON

You're Tweetin' Me Off

"I ain't trying to start no mess but there's something on my chest that I need to get off"

Sunday night's after party at Strata in honor of Keri Hilson's concert at Madison Square Garden did not impress MissKeriBaby.

In fact she was completely TURNED OFF!!!

We already know she is no stranger to holding her tongue with the leaked remix to the hit "Turnin Me Off" which was rumored to be a diss towards Beyonce. According to her tweets while she was at her party she complained about the poor service:

* BOOO I been here for an hr...STILL waitin for my drinks in my section! WTF? don't think I'm doin a party w/ these promoters...shit's wack :(
about 20 hours ago from mobile web

* uhhhh...FINALLY got my drinks!! Halfway tryna n-joy myself but I'm still ready 2 go. Funk Master Flex is the only reason I'm still here!
about 20 hours ago from mobile web

* party was crackin but the promoters didn't know how to show the host a good time :/ I'm just glad everyone else HAD FUN!
about 20 hours ago from mobile web


R.I.P. Urban Nightlife

Ok So I Took a Break from Blogging for the Month of May

I been stressed out just with the personal issues of everyday life and I had to take a step back to focus on other things like a JOB. Still looking for a STEP UP (preferably a office day job) as well as expanding my clientele for my website, makeup, and writing services that I do offer.

I limited my partying (of course yall aint notice) but its a RECESSION everywhere especially in NIGHTLIFE. This feeling ain’t NEW, since December I have felt there’s nothing tantalizing out there about the lights that FLASH these days limiting my choice of venues and social crowds but I will STILL continue to SEARCH.

On another note, I do not believe in PUBLICLY removing yourself because the MASSES won’t leave you alone. That ain’t me.

Some people are just really mean and like to manipulate their higher advantage to bully you off the area but they in fact feel threatened by your presence.

I HATE people like that . . . I’m just saying

MOREOVER there have been situations and events that occurred in my life and I haven’t really elaborated on them or felt the need to really be vocal about it because I don’t give a fuck. Sorry for being so rash with the use of language but I don’t. ::shrugs shoulders:: LOL

But I will say when meeting new people and socializing with the MASSES you accumulate a large amount of ASSOCIATES. Some to whom you become close, then a select few you grow CLOSER to becoming BEST FRIENDS or so you may think until situations get STICKY.

To that I will say there will be decisions that you make helped determined by these KEY Words :

“We are cool but just NOT THAT COOL

Lesson of the day: People are phony and may surround themselves by friends of CONVENIENCE. That’s life. People are stepping-stones and some people are just meant to be STEPPED on.

WTF in the Club of the Day

Does that thing have EYES?

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