Shoe Fetish . . .

One of the most important accessories to accompany my outfit when I go to the club are my shoes. Not only do they have to be made well so that they don't hurt my feet while I'm dancing the night away, they HAVE to be FLY.

With my 5'5" stature I prefer my heels to be extremely high. One trend that I will always love and adore are the chunky platform heel.

My fab find of the day are Sergio Rossi's Black suede platform shoe with white trim. Made where BEST, in Italy. Retail Price: $650 sold at your local high-end department store.

Remember even if this shoe doesn't fit in your price range, its not the name it is the quality and style that matter. You can always find a similar suitable selection for a few hundred dollars less just be mindful of the quality.

Has This Ever Happen to You? Cell Phone Disasters

A few years back when I got my first cell phone, I woke up to the shock of my life. My $200 brand new phone fell off my bed into my glass of water 3 days shy of my insurance activation. Immediately, I was frantic trying everything in the world, dryers, radiators, etc, to dry my phone out and make it work again but I was unsuccessful. I later found out the original warranty did not cover water damage so I was force to purchase a brand new phone at the inflated regular price.

Instead of pulling out the blow dryer or heater just put your cell in some rice because the heat can cause more damage. Millions of phones succumb each year to water damage causing the lost of thousands of important contacts and other valuable information stored in a phone.

Don't Be a Victim.

Another wise word of advice: Don't talk near water.

Its A 10, A Size 10 That Is

During a press conference in Baghdad, a journalist hurled two shoes at him. Bush's reflexes, surprisingly, were on point whereas he ducked them both. Darn!

No wonder he made a SURPRISE visit, imagine if they knew he was coming . . . .

Janet Jackson Pregnant with SECOND Child?!?!

According to Media Takeout, "Renee" the alleged Love Child of Jackson and 80's singer James DeBarge, her first husband, is writing a TELL ALL Book. This information has erupted with the announcement of Jackson's pregnancy in Life and Style Weekly magazine.

This book will detail all the experiences "Renee" has been through and will reveal if actually she is the daughter of Janet Jackson.

Stay Tuned.

Black People the new BLACK!?!

With Obama becoming the First BLACK President, there has been a need to boost the quota of Black socialites who attend this season’s high profile events.

According to, a popular PR Firm has created a “Diversified Holiday Guest List.” It has ranked the Top 10 most accepted Black socialites ranging from media, fashion, art and public relation industries.

1) Bonnie Morrison (PR Guru)

2) Genevieve Jones (Socialite)

3) Maggie Betts (Socialite)

4) Malcolm Harris (Designer/Activist)

5) Moises De La Renta (son of Oscar)

6) Kehinde Wiley (Artist)

7) Nicola Vassell (Deitch Gallery Director)

8) Rachel Roy (Designer/ Socialite)

9) Jason Campbell (Journalist)

10) Marc Baptiste (photographer)

What can we call this, Social Affirmative Action?

Tonite: Party for a Cause

Mike Mogul, Owner of, in conjunction with Grae Enterprises is hosting an After-work event tonight with the goal of collecting 100 coats to donate to

Location: Azza 55th St Between Lexington and 3rd ave

Come out and support the cause.

Dumb Broad!!!

Rev. Wright called Elizabeth Hasselbeck co-host of The View a popular ABC morning show a not so nice name. He referred to her as a "Dumb Broad" over the weekend to the media.

He aint lie.

Elizabeth was in opposition of Barack Obama for his association with Rev. Wright who has made controversial statements in his sermons in regards to race.

Nightlife at its WORST

With the disappearance of Laura Garza shouldn’t we take safety much more serious?

Texas native who resided in Brooklyn went out to Marquee Friday night and left with stranger, Michael Mele of Upstate New York a registered sex offender. She has been missing since and evidence suggests foul play.

This is not the FIRST incident though. Imette St. Guillen was a John Jay student and left a bar with a bouncer who also had a shady past.

How about Stepha Henry, coincidentally, another John Jay student whom went to Miami for Memorial Day weekend and disappeared. She was last seen leaving her aunt’s home in Sunrise with a male acquaintance.

Women, when will this end?

We can only blame ourselves for making faulty decisions in a world we KNOW is unsafe. We need to take every precaution to ensure we make it home every single time our stilettos hit the pavement for a night out on town.

*That means DO NOT take rides from strangers

* Always travel in large groups, there is a SAFETY in numbers

* Make sure you have enough money for emergencies and cab fare

* Carry you charger or make sure when you leave for the night you Battery is on FULL Bars

* Lastly, DO NOT go home with Men whom you aren’t familiar with

Although we cannot reduce the sickos who commit crimes against women, we can take the necessary precautions to prevent us from becoming TARGETs of such crimes.

Take it to another level, no passengers on my plane

I love this Woman, She is a perfect representation of a one. Possessing Beauty, Success, Class, Poise and a REAL Purpose, she makes you want to step your Woman Game up and become generally a better person.

With her new double album I Am . . . Sasha Fierce, her songs really motivate you. My favorite in particularly is DIVA.

“A DiVA is a Female version of a Hustler.”

2009 I am on my grind because success is not an option, it’s my destination.

In the last few months, music has been pro-woman. “Miss Independent” is in style and many would like to classify themselves as such, however not many can add up to it even on a consistent basis.

My take on this is Women need to stay true to themselves. FOCUS!!! If you have a goal, want to pursue a business venture, or showcase your talent; don’t hold back because you are ONLY holding yourself back.

Look at Beyonce, she possessed talent, was marketed and managed well. Now she is an established Business Woman and Household name not just a pretty face with a voice fading away to never be heard from again.

A TRUE DiVA is about her business.

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