I Think She May Be On To Something . . .

Angel Lola Love aka Lola Monroe

Her 16 bar Freestyle . . . I LIKE . . . Miss Monroe don't let me down

When I first heard that Angel Lola Luv was going to start rapping I took it as a JOKE. I mean she is strikingly gorgeous but I had to question does have the talent and I think she does.

Listen to her message to the NON-Believers . . .

Final - Ready Or Not Remix -

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Sometimes I Just Want to Stay Home . . .

And Watch a Movie with my Monkey



Nick Styles an Arrogant LA Cop turned D.A. played by Denzel Washington is being stalked by the killer who help launch his career and gave him his fame by the savvy arrest. Blake, the killer played by John Lithgow, escapes prison and seeks him out plotting the ultimate revenge, to destroy Styles' career and ruin his life.

Louie Doesnt Make It OK . . .

To wear or NOT to wear in the club

Fabolous in the Stephen Sprouse 2009 Collection

The History: The Monogram Graffiti collection was released in 2001 as the result of the collaboration between Marc Jacobs and designer/artist Stephen Sprouse. The pieces sold out immediately. To check out Spouse's work click here

Now the line has been re-released in honor of the late Stephen Sprouse and its HOTTer than ever with the 80's inspired wear in bright neon electric colors becoming popular for the season

The following pics were taking at an ALL BLACK AFFAIR . . .

Now I like the line but what happened to the black tie, suit, or sexy lil black dress? Shame on the promoters for not reinforcing the dress code but that's another blog


Just cuz you are rocking Louis Vuitton doesnt mean its ok to wear it EVERYWHERE . . .

OSCARS WTF of the Day

Beyonce on the red carpet at the OSCARS

Am I the ONLY one that thinks this dress is hideous?

I dont care if it is BEYONCE . . . She should have passed on this . . .

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Makini of Fab Faces

Photo Credit: Mike Mogul

She takes MUA Status to a whole new level

From Photo shoots to the Club

Lately I have grown an interest in not only photography but Makeup Artistry as well. Coming across various photographers and their work I found this JEWEL. Her looks are truly inspiring and infused with creativity.

Photo Credit: Mike Mogul

Makini makes anyone excited about makeup. Her favorite products for wear ranges from Mary Kay and their mineral powder products to MAC pigments. She also likes Makeup Forever and drug store brands like L'oreal HIP.

Right to Left: Makini and her client Urban Socialite Imani tha Diva for her birthday

She is great for photo shoots, weddings, special events, and even if you want to look good for a night out on the town. Providing services in eyebrow threading and individual eyelash extensions, Makini also gives skincare consultations and teaches makeup technique by appointment.

To contact e-mail

Visit or

Forever 21 Needs to Be Shot For This

The sheer lace dress . . . FOUND IT!

$27.80 at Forever 21

No wonder why you see this dress EVERYWHERE!!!

I love I shop their A LOT and Im not ashamed to admit it but when buying certain things please use your discretion.

My advice when buying from an "affordable" yet popular store hold on to the item for a little bit. The last thing you want to do is go to a party and see another girl with the same dress on and for your sake neither do I. By waiting to wear your item you avoid this.

Another thing is with an item that has become a popular trend, dress it up with accessories and make it YOUR OWN. People will forget who wore it first but remember who wore it BEST.

Lastly price has nothing to do with seeing a dress worn a lot. If you remember last year it was BEBE, BCBG and Express dresses, everybody had the same dress and those run from $100 to $300.

I will be DAMNED if I pay $300 or any amount of money for that matter to look like everybody else . . .

BEBE Herve Leger inspired Bandage Dress Trend

BEBE Lace Side Trim Dress

BCBG Tiered Dress


Best DRESS'd

And The Winner Is . . .

Friday's Event at Fashion 40 called ALL women to come in their BEST


I LOVE this dress. Mod Late 60's inspired.

Not many can pull off this BOLD look . . . But she did!

Amongst all the other pictures from the night all the women did a wonderful job but . . .

I'm a sucker for vintage

This DRESS Get's It

Should She Be Rapping?

Angel Lola Luv is not a stranger to the videos, pin up magazines, or the club scene. But how do you feel about this Video Vixen rapping? I mean she is nice to look at . . . So does that mean she is MARKETABLE?

Is She Serious???

Here's a song from her upcoming Mixtape Boss Bitches World

Final - Turnin Me Off Remix - Lola Monroe aka Angel Lola Luv

Monkey Business?

WTF was the NY Post thinking?

This is sooooo not funny.

With the current conflicts within our Government in regards to the economy and in light of an incident that made headlines yesterday about the chimp that was put to sleep for mauling a women, the NY Post published this today.

As you can see this is a clear shot at our President, no pun intended.

Al Sharpton has voiced his sentiments earlier today:

"The cartoon in today's New York Post is troubling at best given the historic racist attacks of African-Americans as being synonymous with monkeys. One has to question whether the cartoonist is making a less than casual reference to this when in the cartoon they have police saying after shooting a chimpanzee that "Now they will have to find someone else to write the stimulus bill."

"Being that the stimulus bill has been the first legislative victory of President Barack Obama (the first African American president) and has become synonymous with him it is not a reach to wonder are they inferring that a monkey wrote the last bill?"


Please it is pertinent that we voice our opinion.

This is intolerable

Send your comments to the editor Col Allan at and the cartoonist, Sean Delonas, at


Buzzworthy Talent

Handsum Malcolm is someone to keep an ear out for . . .

He sings, He raps, He dances, and He produces his own beats.
Fashionably inclined, he also has a T-Shirt line called So Faresh!

To characterize his style, Handsum infuses the elements of Pop, Hip Hop, and Dancehall into his music initializing a FARESH sound that will intrigue you.

Magic Girl 4 (So Fresh) - Handsome Malcolm (So Fresh)

For more info including how to purchase his T-shirt or download his music be sure to visit his site


Lately there's a new trend, well style of dress that has become popular. A sheer black lace turtle neck dress and I think it is hideous. I just don't like it, but apparently they do because they bought it.

Two women were spotted wearing the same dress this weekend. Whatever happened to ORIGINALITY? Once a dress hits the market why does everyone buy the same dress?

This particular woman did it for me, shimmery SANDALS and a PURPLE purse? Its STILL winter!!! I am not even going to address the fact her shoes and purse do not coincide. This chick didn't even TRY to do it right . . . She FAILED!!!

Definition of SWAG: The Pink Monkey Movement

Do YOU have SWAG?

swag n. a persons appearance, style, or the way he or she carries them selves.

They are tons of people who claim it but who really has Swag. Who determines what constitutes as a decent form of swagger? What doesn't?

You do and those who surround you.

Swag is about being unique and paving your own way through life and the situations that it presents. People recognize your presence when you enter the room. When you are perceived by others they address your poise, attitude, charisma, style and outer appearance.

Some people say you can see a person's swagger in the way they walk whether its a female's sashay or the pep in a man's step. The most important thing about Swag is taking something and making it your own however execution is pertinent because anyone can copy something or someone but if no one can do it like you that's GOLDEN.

Key words are being a Leader or Innovator and possessing Confidence is the utmost key to real Swag.

My take is not everyone has it but it is something attainable with which you too can master.

Pink Monkey is ALL about promoting finding one's own Swag.

For a reminder to those, here are the 10 Key Principles to the Pink Monkey Movement

* Confidence as well as aggression executed delicately with charm.

* Captivating attention of the masses encouraging curiosity.

* Expression through creativity, passion and playfulness.

* Promoting awareness.

* Support for humanity and the problem solving of crucial community issues.

* Taking pride in self (WOMAN).

* Having an opinion and fearlessly sharing personal views.

* Valuing honesty as well as striving to live up to the highest degree of responsibility and conduct.

* Using mistakes to transcend towards perfection as well as knowing when to change routes.

* Learning to be crafty when all else fails.

To read past blogs about the Pink Monkey Mvmt click here

WTF in the Club of the Day

Club Etiquette

Tip #1: It is NOT lady-like to show your ass in the club

Tip #2: Cheap thongs may cause vaginal irritation (Peep the white schmutz)

V-Day Blues . . .

Ok its pretty depressing around this time of year because Valentine's Day is coming up and for most it is reminding us that "the glass is half empty"

Although you planned the entire year around going out, dating and meeting new people you still failed at snagging an appealing Beau to celebrate this romantic holiday

Or Maybe like the Recession, your partner had DOWN-SIZED their need for a significant other to cut potential loses and like your job you were laid off. Sucks for you.

My advice is treat this holiday like a regular day. Your time will soon come. I don't need a holiday to do something romantically special, February is too cold I'd rather have a V-day in June.

For others who are more inhibited, GO OUT! Party, there are tons of events where you can mingle with other singles. You might be late this year for having a perfect romantic evening but get an early start for next year.

*Recommended Single Friendly Events

*Friday February 13 at Fashion 40 202 W 40th st between 7th & 8th

Special Giveaways:

Singles Free til 12am
Free Godiva Chocolate
Gift Card to Bloomies & Sephora
Spa Gift Certificates to All Single Females

*Sunday February 15 at The OH Lounge 458 west 145th street

Find the key to HIS heart at Love Lock Down with 50 ELIGIBLE and SINGLE Men and Women in a special speed dating event starting at 8pm so get there EARLY to participate


For more info listen to the E-Invite

Winter Wonderand '09 Fuckery Pt 2: The Pool Party

What's Wrong With This Pic?


Now in my past postings I talk about style and dressing to compliment ourselves by showing examples of Club Fuckery but do I have to mention hygiene too?

I'm going to say this once, hopefully I won't come another blasted photo

When wearing a bathing suit NO ONE wants to see the taco meat that escapes from your bikini bottom. If you don't like shaving because most of us especially those with coarse hair are prone to shaving bumps but also wince at the idea of waxing then use a depilatory (hair removal) cream like Nair or Veet. It works wonders.


Smell Test Attempt?



Style Watch

With Fashion Week commencing at the end of this week I just thought I would inform you on whats HOT for this season in regards to shoes . . .

One of the things women brag most is about having a impeccable shoe game repertoire and they use the club as a way to display their extensive collection (well I know I do)

Gladiators are becoming the next IT . . . I mean last year we were introduced to the Givenchy Gladiator strap up sandals that was featured in Cassie's video "Official Girl" with which I am STILL madly in love.

Fendi Caged Bootie at

Well now you have these variants of an ankle sandal in black and brown tones.

Christian Louboutin Mirrored Peep Toe Platform at

Another popular trend that I adore mostly because of my flare for vintage fashion are PLATFORMS . . . This season you are seeing these type of shoes in light or earthy colors such as tans, browns, and pretty variations of corals and other bright colors.

Its best to keep up with the trends and put our best FOOT forward especially in Nightlife so go and update your closet today

To stay in touch with high end shoe fashion visit
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