Its All Fun and Games . . .

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I Guess YOU Didnt Get The Message . . .

*I wrote this back in May after I did the taping for Judge Alex . . . most of you read it but I guess you didnt GET it. Shit happens and thats LIFE . . .  True Friends are FOREVER but in NIGHTLIFE you have NONE . . .

I do not believe in PUBLICLY removing yourself because the MASSES won’t leave you alone. That ain’t me.

Some people are just really mean and like to manipulate their higher advantage to bully you off the area but they in fact feel threatened by your presence.

I HATE people like that . . . I’m just saying

MOREOVER there have been situations and events that occurred in my life and I haven’t really elaborated on them or felt the need to really be vocal about it because I don’t give a fuck. Sorry for being so rash with the use of language but I don’t. ::shrugs shoulders:: LOL

But I will say when meeting new people and socializing with the MASSES you accumulate a large amount of ASSOCIATES. Some to whom you become close, then a select few you grow CLOSER to becoming BEST FRIENDS or so you may think until situations get STICKY.

To that I will say there will be decisions that you make helped determined by these KEY Words :

“We are cool but just NOT THAT COOL

Lesson of the day: People are phony and may surround themselves by friends of CONVENIENCE. That’s life. People are stepping-stones and some people are just meant to be STEPPED on.


Not to imply I STEPPED on anyone but I rather felt like a STONE in most situations . . . People will co-sign you when they "think" others "think" you are cool . . .  The minute public perception shifts People become more afraid to think on their own and fall back until society re-evaluates whats COOL

I been the same since DAY 1 so how you liked me yesterday but today I am an "evil bitch"?

I have no respect for posers . . .

Where's YOUR Identity . . .



So October was my Big Birthday month . . .

Not much EXCITEMENT . . .  I just felt OLDER (BLAH)

I did party HARD  . . .


Me and CB of Damonne Ent at Imperial

Me and Rich P from DBO Ent at Ocean's 8 in Brooklyn

Me, Eddy Shades, and 5th Ave at Element

Thank You Eddy Shades, DBO, Dammone Ent, and Espionage Ent for showing me maaadddd Birthday Love


Thank You Picture Perfect Cake Studios For making this WONDERFUL creation

I Need Blog-cation . . .

Im tired of the DRAMA

Its no secret all the negativity I receive . . . In hand I have tons of people who appreciate my VOICE . . .

Time to take a break . . .

Work, School, My LIFE has me toooo caught up . . .

Sorry My Pink Monkey has to be put on HOLD . . .

They're BACK: Fabric Twins Presents

Fashion Obsession Part Deux: A Night At The Movies

We are bringing you fashion and movies in one. Do you remember watching your favorite movies over and over because it was so good; School Dayz, Coming To America, Chicago, Pretty Woman, 8 mile just to name a few. Well come to this show where fashion meets the movies. The show will re-enact your favorite movies with an addition to fashion. It's going to be hott...step teams, designers, dancers in lingerie.

This is going to be the HOTTEST fashion show to hit NYC is on Saturday, Oct. 3 presented to you by The Fabric Twinz. Gates open at 6 pm. Movie starts at 7 pm. The price is only $10 in advanced and we sold over 300 tickets so far. If you missed the first show you don't want to miss this one.

Also special celebrity guest performance you don't want to miss!

If you need tickets contact Tanise @ 917-975-8833 or via facebook

Step It Up

YOUR Shoe Game That Is . . .

THESE should be BANNED from the club . . .

Im Just Sayin . . .

I Love Her Face

MUA Status

One thing I love to see is creativity and trends set into motion . . .

This look is NOT too BOLD for the club however not EVERYONE could pull this off . . . SHE DID

WTF . . .

Was SHE Wearin'

It never cease to amaze me with the things girls THINK it is appropriate to wear to the club

Whoever Told Her THIS was Cute Should be SHOT

Ummm . . . QUESTION?

When did NUVO replace Grey Goose as the choice of Alcohol in the club?


NOT Pimpin' ::Kat Williams Voice::

Who Wore It BEST

Seen at Haven on Saturday

Seen at Suzie's Wongs on Sunday

Cute dress but Im tired of these day to day repeats  . . .

Best DRESS'd. . .

Lady in RED . . .

And the SHOEs . . . FIYAHHHH!!!!

Happy Birthday Shane!!!

Virgo Season

This weekend I celebrated with the Urban Socialites for Shane of at Ultra Sexy Venue Haven in the city

It was also Urban Socialite My3's Birthday

Check out the cake  . . . GORGEOUS

Honorable Mentions . . .

Last week Promoter Gambino of TD Group celebrated his birthday at Touch

Swizz Beatz also brought in his birthday last weekend at BB Kings where he gave a performance as well as passed out Patron shots amongst the crowd of party goers

Are YOU a Club Girl?

Club Girl [kluhb gurl] n. A female who goes to the club 2 or more times a week and is popular amongst most figures of nightlife. Most of the promoters, photographers, bouncers, and even club owners know this female on a first name basis and you can chronicle her travels throughout the scene on popular nightlife photo galleries for at least two years or more.

I cannot stress this more. When you go out, Party with a purpose and Network. Strive to be a high class Socialite.

The purpose of clubbing should not be to consume a large amount of alcohol then show your ass to the nightlife paparazzi. Don’t because if you act like a fool all you do is create a bad name for yourself.

Didn’t we address this last week?

Jan 2009 Photo Courtesy of

It gets worst

Jan 2009 Photo Courtesy of

Look at the smirk on dude’s face. Now you tell me what he is thinking

Jan 2009 Photo Courtesy of

*Originally posted 1/13/09

Dont Forget To . . .

Tune In To The HOTTEST Blog Radio Site

Smack That Talk Radio


Sneaker FIEND

This weekend I went to an Art Exhibition but it just didnt showcase ORDINARY art


Hosted by ANIVRAM a sneaker Boutique due to open Winter 2009 in Brooklyn

Background music played by NYC DJ Ransum while Artist Rick Welch sketched patrons caricatures and drank beverages sponsored by Caffo, and Nuvo

Here is just a sample of what was actually there

Sneaker custom made design sneakers by Pink EYE

Optimus Prime Air Force One Abstract Art by Gaby Gaby Art

Erotic Photography by Anna Balboa

Stay Tuned for more to come from Anivram Website Launching SOON


Due to the recent closing of venues Guest House and Home Bottles Up Mondays has been moved across the street to Suzies Wongs

Seen at Suzies Wongs this past Monday

Who Wore it BEST???

Seen on the SCENE

American Apparel Two-Toned Sweatheart Dress in Coral and Nude

Trend Watch

As you know looks are becoming ever so popular so I feel the need to put you on to the FASHION trends that are going on in NYC Nightlife . . .

Floral Print Dresses
Somewhat controversial as most dont agree that floral prints should be worn on a Night on the town but to each its own. Rihanna made it popular this month with recent pics of her cruising through NYC

Mushroom Bob
An 80's cut making a kick ass comeback. Keri Hilson brought it out in her Energy Video

Bright Colored Nails
Get your manicures ladies and be BOLD. Bright neon, crayola box colors are IN so grab your favorite Pink, Turquoise, or Yellow shade of polish and paint away. You can even be creative and go for the Rihanna inspired smiley faces

RED Lips

Last but not least applying a bold red hue like MAC Russian Red to your lips shows that you are OWNIN' your sexiness while you are dancing the night away. Be a Vixen even if its only for one night.

So I Was Out The Other Day . . .

With @Boss545 And I Saw An EPIDEMIC of THIS . . .

WOMEN . . . I dont care if it is SANDALS . . . PURCHASE your correct sizes!!!!

I HATE to see your toes waving "HI" at me as you walk away . . .

For more interesting TWITTER ACTION


Was SEEN Out on the Town 2 Nites in a ROW Back 2 Back!!!

Seen at Prime last Friday

Then AGAIN Saturday night at Promenade (formerly known as Nest)

Epidemic of Club Girl Syndrome or Budding Urban Socialite?

Stay Tuned

What is a CLUB GIRL article coming SOON

Seen on the SCENE

Friday Fabolous came through to BODY located in Harlem as apart of his promotion for his new album, Loso's Way. Here he is pictured alongside Promoter Dee of Round the Clock and DJ Clue of Desert Storm and Power 105.1.

While Jeezy stopped by Prime in the city for Obsession Friday's hosted by Belvedere Vodka. Here Jeezy is alongside Urban Socialiate K-Starr

Now Ya KNOW . . .

You Dont Even Sit on Ya Momma Couch Like Dat

So WHY Ya Doin' it in the CLUB?

People when you come out please show some HOME TRAINING!!!

There's Some Ho's in This HOUSE

If You SEE 'Em Point 'Em OUT

The first two Im pretty sure they are there for "work" but the last one by way of dress seems to be a amateur club goer who just wanted to show the crowd what she was working with . . .

Appropriate or NOT? U Decided . . .

::shrugs shoulders:: GET EM GIRL . . .
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