Are YOU a Club Girl?

Club Girl [kluhb gurl] n. A female who goes to the club 2 or more times a week and is popular amongst most figures of nightlife. Most of the promoters, photographers, bouncers, and even club owners know this female on a first name basis and you can chronicle her travels throughout the scene on popular nightlife photo galleries for at least two years or more.

I cannot stress this more. When you go out, Party with a purpose and Network. Strive to be a high class Socialite.

The purpose of clubbing should not be to consume a large amount of alcohol then show your ass to the nightlife paparazzi. Don’t because if you act like a fool all you do is create a bad name for yourself.

Didn’t we address this last week?

Jan 2009 Photo Courtesy of

It gets worst

Jan 2009 Photo Courtesy of

Look at the smirk on dude’s face. Now you tell me what he is thinking

Jan 2009 Photo Courtesy of

*Originally posted 1/13/09

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Sneaker FIEND

This weekend I went to an Art Exhibition but it just didnt showcase ORDINARY art


Hosted by ANIVRAM a sneaker Boutique due to open Winter 2009 in Brooklyn

Background music played by NYC DJ Ransum while Artist Rick Welch sketched patrons caricatures and drank beverages sponsored by Caffo, and Nuvo

Here is just a sample of what was actually there

Sneaker custom made design sneakers by Pink EYE

Optimus Prime Air Force One Abstract Art by Gaby Gaby Art

Erotic Photography by Anna Balboa

Stay Tuned for more to come from Anivram Website Launching SOON


Due to the recent closing of venues Guest House and Home Bottles Up Mondays has been moved across the street to Suzies Wongs

Seen at Suzies Wongs this past Monday

Who Wore it BEST???

Seen on the SCENE

American Apparel Two-Toned Sweatheart Dress in Coral and Nude

Trend Watch

As you know looks are becoming ever so popular so I feel the need to put you on to the FASHION trends that are going on in NYC Nightlife . . .

Floral Print Dresses
Somewhat controversial as most dont agree that floral prints should be worn on a Night on the town but to each its own. Rihanna made it popular this month with recent pics of her cruising through NYC

Mushroom Bob
An 80's cut making a kick ass comeback. Keri Hilson brought it out in her Energy Video

Bright Colored Nails
Get your manicures ladies and be BOLD. Bright neon, crayola box colors are IN so grab your favorite Pink, Turquoise, or Yellow shade of polish and paint away. You can even be creative and go for the Rihanna inspired smiley faces

RED Lips

Last but not least applying a bold red hue like MAC Russian Red to your lips shows that you are OWNIN' your sexiness while you are dancing the night away. Be a Vixen even if its only for one night.

So I Was Out The Other Day . . .

With @Boss545 And I Saw An EPIDEMIC of THIS . . .

WOMEN . . . I dont care if it is SANDALS . . . PURCHASE your correct sizes!!!!

I HATE to see your toes waving "HI" at me as you walk away . . .

For more interesting TWITTER ACTION


Was SEEN Out on the Town 2 Nites in a ROW Back 2 Back!!!

Seen at Prime last Friday

Then AGAIN Saturday night at Promenade (formerly known as Nest)

Epidemic of Club Girl Syndrome or Budding Urban Socialite?

Stay Tuned

What is a CLUB GIRL article coming SOON

Seen on the SCENE

Friday Fabolous came through to BODY located in Harlem as apart of his promotion for his new album, Loso's Way. Here he is pictured alongside Promoter Dee of Round the Clock and DJ Clue of Desert Storm and Power 105.1.

While Jeezy stopped by Prime in the city for Obsession Friday's hosted by Belvedere Vodka. Here Jeezy is alongside Urban Socialiate K-Starr

Now Ya KNOW . . .

You Dont Even Sit on Ya Momma Couch Like Dat

So WHY Ya Doin' it in the CLUB?

People when you come out please show some HOME TRAINING!!!

There's Some Ho's in This HOUSE

If You SEE 'Em Point 'Em OUT

The first two Im pretty sure they are there for "work" but the last one by way of dress seems to be a amateur club goer who just wanted to show the crowd what she was working with . . .

Appropriate or NOT? U Decided . . .

::shrugs shoulders:: GET EM GIRL . . .

WHAT in the . . .


Is He DOING!?!

IGNANT Files . . .

Club Fuckery at its BEST

Its a RECESSION Fools!!!

Seen on the SCENE

Happy Birthday Eddy Shades. At Ultra longside Dawn former member of Danity Kane

QUE from Day 26

Urban Socialites Killa Keda and Mimi of

Brooke from Harlem Heights or Look Alike . . .

You Be the Judge

Seen at TAJ on Thursday


Birthday Boy Gavin Marchand and Mike Mogul

Young Gav, brother to Foxy Brown, and Mike Mogul of 7days 7nights, celebrated their milestones at Touch nightclub this past week.

This event was a very important one especially to the MOGUL for it was his 5th year anniversary for the NUMBER #1 Nightlife/Photo Website in NYC

Kudos to you!!!

The 7 Days Family and Staff

Photo Shop Foolery

In The Club



Kinda reminds me of a photo taken back in the day at Plumm

She Goin' INNNNN

*Lil Wayne Voice*

And She's Goin' HARRRDDDD

C'mon Mama, Where's ya CLASS???

LEO Watch

Happy Birthday Funk Master Flex

Funk Flex with longtime cohort Diddy

This weekend Flex came out with the guns for his birthday bringing out the Who's Who of Urban Entertainment celebrating at trendy M2 Ultra Lounge in NYC

Chris Lighty of Violator

Julissa from BET

New York Knicks player Larry Hughes

Ron Brownz

Fat Joe

*All photos courtesy of
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