Temporary Hiatus Until April . . .

Sorry I haven't updated the blog with any club fuckery lately but I have been working on other projects in regards to entertainment and Makeup. More importantly I am building my MUA port so look out for new pics from photosoots.


Its Not A Secret: D Woods

SPOTTED at her Birthday Party Wearing the Victoria's Secret Teddy

D Woods at her Stripper Themed Bday Party

What She Couldnt Afford La Bella?

At Least the Setting is Correct for the attire . . . STILL This Victoria's Secret Teddy isnt Made for the Clubs

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Come join Empire, Showcase, Nitelife and Mike Mogul and allow them to introduce you to another Super Sexy Event

Afterwork Mixer Every Wednesday

Music Provided by ONLY the best

DJ Self The Prince of NY from POWER 105.1
DJ Spynfo
DJ Spider
DJ Korrek

$5 Happy Hour from 5 to 6 pm
Food Menu available ALL NITE

Please Come Correct Dress Code STRICTLY Enforced Lets Keep it Sexy

Location: Ultra 26th St and Broadway
Time: Until 4am

WTF Throwback from 2006-07

Fuckery in the Club STILL aint Change

Couch Dreams

Looks Like FUN

Tyra Says There Will Be a 2nd Chance

According to Tyra made a statement in regards to Saturdays casting disaster:

"To all the Top Model hopefuls who were affected by the New York casting, we are doing everything we can to make sure that ALL the girls who weren't seen, get an opportunity to audition – we'll update you on our plans very soon. It is so important to me to redefine beauty, and make sure that everyone gets a fair chance to pursue their dream. I am beyond excited for Cycle 13; for the first time ever, young women 5'7" and under have a shot at becoming America's Next Top Model! I encourage each girl to come out ready to rock the runway and show off their fiercest pose. I'm rooting for all of you!"

This BETTER Be Good . . .

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The After Math
ANTM Disaster

Blank Stare

Throwback Picture of TI at a concert a few months ago . . .

Story Behind the pic: TI was wiping his nuts with a T-Shirt to hand to the fan whose hand is reaching out in the photo


Pure Beauty

My Ass



I know you wanted to have fun but DAMN . . .

Tyra Im Going to GET YOU!!!

Listen to her story: Chris Starr age 25

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The After Math
ANTM Disaster


Akira and LaCrown share their ANTM Casting experience

Part I: I was here at 1 am WTF . . .

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55th and Seventh ave

I arrived at 8 am excited and not knowing what to expect. Me and my friends got on the line on 55th and Seventh Ave.

As time progress the line began to move around the building. Over 4000 people were out there.

56th and Seventh ave

After 1130 the line began to move in significance we were on 56th and 7th side of the building where we assumed the entrance was but by the time we got to the entrance we were mistake, we had to go around the building for a third time.

By 2pm we realized time was getting close to the end, casting was scheduled to commence at 3pm. Hoping for a time extension we continue to wait on line. We were more than half way around the building so far located on 56th and Broadway. By that time I was hungry and exhausted so I banded my crew together and we moved through the line cutting at least 300 people and found a spot on closer to the entrance on 55th and Broadway. Minutes later the line began to move like raging waves and people were pressed so tightly against one another you could barely breathe.

Half way down 55th St, so close to the entrance people's agitation started to show. Hundreds of people, some who clearly didnt belong on line, were squished together between and wall and street barricades and whenever the line moved people ran in frenzy praying not to fall or get trampled on. Clearly it seemed out of control and an accident waiting to happen.

The cops breaking up the riot 55th st

A girl was on line where she was accompanied by her family, two men and a woman. The family was extremely hood, unkempt and rowdy. They obviously looked like they didnt belong and I was worried because they seemed like trouble. Another woman who was animated and cheerful throughout the entire adventure was annoyed at the fact the family was there as started to cause a commotion. Words were exchanged and threats were made against the woman by the family and the police removed the family from the scene. The woman who then began laughing and started to roll a blunt and smoke on line.

At around 4:50 pm a car started to smoke and make a loud ticking noise. Thinking it was either a fire or bomb, people began to panic while running in all directions pushing and knocking down one another. One of the men from the family ran back in the crowd to attack the women whom he had exchanged words with chasing her starting a riot because someone yelled that the man had a weapon.

In midst of it all people were injured. It was so scary that a girl had a seizure on site from being it all the commotion. More people were injured but not as seriously.

Footage taken by a spectator in The Dream Hotel. At the end of the video you see the man who was wearing white and the girl in red being arrested. They were the family on the line who helped contribute to the chaos.

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Its Not A Secret

Victoria's Secret Teddy

I know we all may think it is ok to wear lingerie to the club from corsets to bra tops but THIS . . . I do not approve its clearly too damn short . . . Nice try though . . .


Facebook Socialites

My first time at Afterwork Wednesday and I had FUN!!!

This week was a meet and greet for the people on the popular networking site Facebook

Great Venue, Great Food, Great Crowd . . .

Empire, Showcase, Nitelife and Mike Mogul will NOT disappoint you . . .

The only downfall is get there EARLY . . . The food is SOOOO GOOD that the chicken was gone before it was over

Facebook Pink Monkey

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Get It On The Floor, Get It, Get It, On The Floor

Besides the fact she is on the floor spread eagle, I don't get the white boots . . .


Why would you come outside to the club in something like that?

Lets Take a CLOSER Look . . .

The floppy bow did it for me . . .


IGNANT Files . . .

*WARNING* Explicit Language

I LOVE Beyonce too but ummm . . . *BLANK STARE*

"You Aint No Mutha F*cking Beyonce, You Aint Ever Gonna Be Beyonce"


Spotted at Strata Friday . . .

She is looking fabulous in her Birthday Dress

Opening like a beautiful rose, this structured dress is as soft on the eyes as it is to the touch. Fitted sweetheart strapless bodice. Built in boning structure throughout the bodice. Corset-like fit. Empire waist. Folds of fabric, tacked in place, create a skirt full of body and dramatic line. Pattern repeated front and back. Laces up the back of the bodice; hidden side zip. Finishes above the knee.

I LOVE it . . .

You can find this dress at but sorry ladies this dress is SOLD OUT

Rare Biggie Freestyle Footage



I got a lil treat for those B.I.G. fanatics

Here is a clip of Biggie rapping on the streets of Bed Sty . . .



Beyonce in Tribeca during a video shoot for her concert tour

For some reason this dress looks like it hurts to wear . . . Beyonce's figure is SICK though

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Don't Get Caught Out There

I LOVE Nightlife Paparazzi

Gossip . . . A Shot at the Union?

DJ SELF from POWER 105.1

Thursday night a specific DJ from the Hot 97 Pitbulls was quoted saying "I don't care what Union you're from we the Pitballs," he later went on to say "It's the King of New York and it aint Self!"

WOW that's some tough talk . . .

DJ SELF is a proud member of Da Union a popular DJ troupe. In fall 2008 he is also joined rival station Power 105.1 FM

JadaKiss Stops By BB Kings

Saturday Night Live

After the concert at the Apollo featuring JadaKiss, Slim of 112, and Fabolous he stopped by BB Kings for and impromptu performance.

View exclusive footage courtesy of the Pink Monkey Cam

Homecooking Thursdays at Imperial

Last Thursday at Imperial Welcomed the Newest Members to Hot 97 BIG DAWG Pitbulls

DJ Naim from NJ, Mike Sessions from the BX, DJ Spynfo also repping the BX, Young Chow, DJ Magic, and Triple X all three hailing from Brooooklyn recently have joined forces with the Hot 97 Pitbulls

Big Things, Big Things

Congrats to ALL

(left to right)DJ Triple X, Cipha Sounds, Funk Master Flex, and DJ Spynfo

(left to right)Young Chow, Mister Cee and Mike Sessions

Dear Nightlife

This is why I HATE You.

Have you ever went to the club and find yourself bored . . . or even worst falling asleep? Do reminisce about how the Urban Scene USED to be?

I am going to give you the TOP 5 things that irk me in Urban Nightlife



Money has officially trumped above everything else. Who cares if you are wearing a fitted, white tee and sneakers when the dress code STRICTLY says No Sneakers, Hats, or Durags. Or about the other 100 people that are dressed properly and were already waiting in line for an hour or more. You got to skip the line because you just popped a bottle at $300 to $1000 or more so you and your scruffy hood rich friends could party.


Ok, so you passed phase one. Now you're in the club and get your bottle so what's the issue with that? You and 20 of your friends are sharing the SAME bottle.


Or any other LEWD poses . . . Nothing is wrong with showing you have the curves but certain poses are unacceptable and it makes you appear like you are desperately seeking attention. Keep it sexy NOT SLUTTY. Every time you show your ass, breasts, panties, cootie or make any other sexually risque and suggestive pose it displays lack of class. We are LADIES so act like one.


Nothing is wrong with being edgy or creative when it comes to fashion or even wearing something to purposely turn heads and get noticed. I want to be noticed too but THIS IS NOT FASHION FORWARD. What I hate MOST is seeing women in the club looking like a clown. The sad thing is they think the outfit they spent so much time putting together is POPPING and that's why EVERYONE wants to take their picture. While you are POSING for your Fashion photo opt we are laughing quietly on the inside. Feathers, boas, tutus, spandex, lace and bright colors that encompass any of the above mentioned is a MAJOR NO NO.


Now you look at this PUZZLED and ask yourself what's wrong with THIS picture. I mean the guy looks like he is having fun. He has a drink in his hand. He is handsome. He is wearing a suit and looks nice in it . . . so what is wrong? The fact that he is an endangered species. Taking pride in your appearance is very important. Men need to step their swag up because collared shirts and Lacoste polos with Pradas just don't cut it no more.

YSL: My Bergdoff Experience

Last week Yves Saint Laurent cosmetics line had a Find Your Perfect Complexion special at Bergdoff and Goodman's cosmetics department for the introduction of their new powder foundation. They were offering complimentary makeovers when you test their new Matt Touch Compact product so me and a friend came to check it out.

"Suzie" the Make Up Artist was super nice . . .

Look at me getting the 5th avenue treatment . . .

All finished . . . I was going for an EVERYDAY look with a SUN-KISSED glow

Despite the fact "Suzie" was so nice offering to me attentive service she still didn't do what the promotion offered which was match my complexion. I know I'm lightskin but I look like Casper :-(

ANTM Cycle 13 is looking for SHORTYs

YAY!!! Aren't you tired of people saying you pretty enough to be a model?

Why not make that reality . . .

America's Next Top Model Cycle 13 is looking for aspiring models between the ages of 18-27

The BEST part is the height requirements have changed

Now you have to be 5'7" or SHORTER!!! That counts me in . . .

Come join My Pink Monkey NYC in Adventures in Modeling . . . I wanna be the next Top Model

Yes I am making this a BLOGGING experience

Date: March 14th
Time: 10am
Location: Park Central New York
870 Seventh Avenue at 56th Street
New York, NY 10019

Let me know you are coming out email me at

For more ANTM info visit the site

Open Toe BOOTS?

I was letting the open boot trend rock for some time now . . .

The majority of the designs have been cute ankle booties with either an open toe or cut out deisgn . . . I LIKED

But this I DO NOT LIKE . . . I think they took it too far

New arrival from LD Tuttle are these spectre open-toe urban chic inspired boots. Retail Price: $565

But I do love these NEW Louboutins . . .

Christian Louboutin multi-buckle platform sandal. Retail Price: $1,495

Ok I Get It . . . YOU'RE FLY

Now Take Off That Damn Coat

One thing I will never understand is WHY people come out in their fur coats and refuse to COAT CHECK them

As hot as it is in the club they want to stand around and floss their jacket that cost in the thousands

Now some would respond that a fur coat is too expensive to check because they may be risking it being stolen

Well my response to that is YOU ARE FLOSSING AT THE WRONG EVENT

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