They're BACK: Fabric Twins Presents

Fashion Obsession Part Deux: A Night At The Movies

We are bringing you fashion and movies in one. Do you remember watching your favorite movies over and over because it was so good; School Dayz, Coming To America, Chicago, Pretty Woman, 8 mile just to name a few. Well come to this show where fashion meets the movies. The show will re-enact your favorite movies with an addition to fashion. It's going to be hott...step teams, designers, dancers in lingerie.

This is going to be the HOTTEST fashion show to hit NYC is on Saturday, Oct. 3 presented to you by The Fabric Twinz. Gates open at 6 pm. Movie starts at 7 pm. The price is only $10 in advanced and we sold over 300 tickets so far. If you missed the first show you don't want to miss this one.

Also special celebrity guest performance you don't want to miss!

If you need tickets contact Tanise @ 917-975-8833 or via facebook

Step It Up

YOUR Shoe Game That Is . . .

THESE should be BANNED from the club . . .

Im Just Sayin . . .

I Love Her Face

MUA Status

One thing I love to see is creativity and trends set into motion . . .

This look is NOT too BOLD for the club however not EVERYONE could pull this off . . . SHE DID

WTF . . .

Was SHE Wearin'

It never cease to amaze me with the things girls THINK it is appropriate to wear to the club

Whoever Told Her THIS was Cute Should be SHOT

Ummm . . . QUESTION?

When did NUVO replace Grey Goose as the choice of Alcohol in the club?


NOT Pimpin' ::Kat Williams Voice::

Who Wore It BEST

Seen at Haven on Saturday

Seen at Suzie's Wongs on Sunday

Cute dress but Im tired of these day to day repeats  . . .

Best DRESS'd. . .

Lady in RED . . .

And the SHOEs . . . FIYAHHHH!!!!

Happy Birthday Shane!!!

Virgo Season

This weekend I celebrated with the Urban Socialites for Shane of at Ultra Sexy Venue Haven in the city

It was also Urban Socialite My3's Birthday

Check out the cake  . . . GORGEOUS

Honorable Mentions . . .

Last week Promoter Gambino of TD Group celebrated his birthday at Touch

Swizz Beatz also brought in his birthday last weekend at BB Kings where he gave a performance as well as passed out Patron shots amongst the crowd of party goers
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