The Fabric Twinz Present . . .

Fashion Obsession:

Two talented clothing designers assemble a fashion event of the season at the Pace Academy located in China Town, bringing together the most powerful team of clothing designers seen in the up and coming Urban Fashion Industry on the east coast alongside models, make-up artists, music performers and socialites.

Here's What YOU Missed

Hosted by Fashionable Socialite Killa Keda and The Kid Skoob

Dress by Marie Janae

Dress by Chanelle Smith

Dress by Chanelle Smith

Dress by The Fabric Twinz

T-Shirt Line by Ghetto Fabulous Style

Dress by The Fabric Twinz

Mimi Fumi Designs

Red Light, Green Light 1-2-3

Someone should paint the letters S-T-O-P on her ASS

Red Cafe at BB Kings

Weekly Party at BB KINGS keeps its Saturday Night LIVE Guarantee

Red Cafe stopped by BB Kings Saturday to give an impromptu performance. Although he is signed to Bad Boy he still wore his KONVICT chain proudly around his neck as he rapped a few verses to "Hottest in the Hood".

Red Cafe alongside DJ Self of the Union and Power 105.1

Photo ART . . .

DUMBO: Manhattan Bridge

Photography by Ray Mitchell

Update: Lola Monroe

I expressed my past sentiments about Video Vixen Angel Lola Luv turning Rapper and the possibility of her future marketable music career and D-Day is almost here. Boss Bitches World her mix tape is due to release June 14 and in honor of that a celebration is rumored to be held at venue Guesthouse in NYC this Sunday. You can download it from her Myspace

Dont know if I can condone such "Hoodburgerness" from such a pretty face . . .

Here is a clip of her recording her two songs "Beef" and "Bricks" on her upcoming mixtape album

Quote of the Day: "I got that Juice Man pussy make a nigga say AYE"

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I Think She May Be On To Something . . .

And 2009 Prom King and Queen Are . . .

Happy Birthday TIM GRAE

Last weekend Grae Enterprises, OBM, and Mike Mogul brought you a celebration at venue Haven to commemorate the Class of 2009 . . . Graduate Schools that is . . . Men and Women donned in their best evening attire

Here is what you MISSED

Celebrity Sightings

At Club Home and Guesthouse on Monday

Pleasure P



While it poured on NYC streets, Maino, Pleasure P and Drake kept the inside of the club entertained by gracing the Urban Scene and mingling with party goers for Bottle Up Mondays.

DEATH To American Apparel

Gift Wrap Anyone?

This has got to end . . . Nothing is wrong with cheap dresses but Forever 21 does make evening wear now smh . . . Just a thought

Is It Me?

Doesnt This Make You Crave a . . .

Bring Your A Game Networking Event

“Change in our community through the power of networking” - Black Business Works

One of the biggest problems we have in the black community is that we don’t know who our black business owners & professionals are. Black Business Works has created that place for you to come & meet likeminded professionals to share information, grow your business & much more.

Join us as we continue to work on bridging the gap by networking with like minded business owners & professionals that want to see our communities improve by connecting with those business owners and professionals in our community.

There will be showing a two-minute trailer of the groundbreaking documentary film Bring Your “A” Game produced by Twenty-First Century Foundation (21CF) in partnership with actor-director Mario Van Peebles and producer Karen Williams. Bring Your “A” Game, which will air exclusively on BET in September 2009, is the cornerstone of a community engagement program that brings together resources and strategies from 21CF’s Black Men and Boys Initiative (BMB.) Using a cinematic style influenced by popular culture and employing innovative technologies, the film details strategies that have improved the lives of Black men and boys. It underscores how essential educational achievement and high school graduation are to survival and success in today’s world. Interviewees include such Black male icons as Chris Rock, Spike Lee, Dr. Cornel West, Ice Cube, Newark, New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Hill Harper, Geoffrey Canada, Bruce Gordon and more.

Admission is $10 $20 if you do not: Bring business cards, wear business attire & RSVP for this event.
To RSVP or for more information call 718.785.9611 or 347.408.3593. You can also email

Screening: Thursday June 18th 2009 6pm to 9pm
Maysles Films 343 Malcolm X Blvd/Lenox Ave. (Bet. 127th.128th St.) New York, N.Y 10027

The Mission of Black Business Works is to identify and connect black business owners & business professionals for the purpose of growing their businesses qualitatively & quantitatively.

*Courtesy of


"Your psychology riding me every time you inside of me/ Feeling like you won the lottery, dick to big for the size of me/ Gasping for breath cuz you got your hands on my neck/ Take it deeper and deeper, my limbs aint gettin' no weaker/ Fuck you in a two-seater, like the King of Geneva/ Feeling that fever call my girl if you need her/ Hittin' her from the back she a good pussy eater!"- Raye 6

I must say I was in awe when I recently attended a Raye 6 performance at Public Assembly a former warehouse with a chic, bohemian/grunge motif venue located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Low lights, band instrumentals echoing through the speakers while the DJ spins the track and 3 extraordinary figures grace the stage.

Raye 6 accompanied by her backup dancers, The Bubble Girls, adorn in intricate costumes of whimsy. Her music written and produced by her possesses a mix of a sexually uninhibited theme in hand with a sultry voice delivering soulful sounds for the alternative at heart.

Upcoming Performances:

June 11th @ 7pm until
Vibe Event at Madame X's

July 28th all day
Block party for a VIP

Download Raye 6's Mixtape L.I.P.S FREE!!

Up Coming Projects include a Bubble Girls Calendar for 2010 SO KEEP AN EYE OUT!!!

For more info contact

Chocolate Mahogany Poppy

Eye Candy

Favorite Photos from Talented Photographers

AB Photography

Finesse Flixx

Ray Mitchell Photography

25 Club Rules

To Live or Not To Live By? That is the QUESTION

Narrated by Anonymous Male Party Goer

I recently went to a lounge in NYC for a friend’s birthday. At some point in the night, I notice a chocolate PYT recklessly eyeballin’ me and then pointing me out to her friend. She maneuvers her way over and we dance. We talk for a minute before I let her float away. However, she doesn’t let my catch-and-release tactic deter her, as she continues to hover in my area. I could tell by her empty hand that she would have appreciated if I would have offered to buy her a drink.

Unfortunately for her, I’m not a SIMP who buys face time with women. I’m sure she wishes that I adhere to The Rules.

What are the rules you ask?

The Rules are a set of unspoken guidelines for a successful time in the club/party. With that said, I think these rules are bull****, save a selected few.

Check out this mostly bull**** list with my thoughts in bold

1. Fellas
The bouncer is working and you are out trying to have fun, just wait your turn, get in the club quietly and then act up. You won’t win a head to head with them - don’t bother. True, although some bouncers carry their own prejudices with them to work.

2. Fellas
Take a 20 out of your pocket - throw it on the ground and walk away - that is what you do when you buy a random girl a drink. Save a Jackson. Words to live by. Anyone can buy liquor, but not everyone can charm her.

3. Everyone
If a person in the club is dressed like they can jump in a fight and win - they probably would stay clear.

4. Ladies
If his car note is more than his rent/mortgage - stop talkin’. Are you really asking this type of question in the middle of getting your Eagle on? BULLSH**

5 Fellas
If her car note is half of her rent/mortgage, and she’s cute - get her number.

6. Ballers
If a bottle costs more than 5 times what it costs in the store you’re getting ripped. 5 times? You’re getting ripped regardless of the factor, so understand that you’re paying for the table and the attention a bottle gets you.

7. Ladies
If he is working while you are partying he is either going to be rich, is already rich - or is doomed to stay broke. Or maybe he has simply has different priorities?

8. Fellas
If the girl you’ve been buying drinks all night says she wants to be a model – have fun. TRUE INDEED

9. Everyone
If the ratio of women to men is under 1.5 to 1 - something is going to jump off - leave early.

10. Fellas
Big girls can move when they want to – the right song at the wrong time has left many a brother bruised and sore – stay clear. Big girls are0Asome of the most fun folks to party and dance with. Stop the hate!

11. Everyone
Just like concerts - unless you are the promoter, bouncer or staff, leave 30 minutes before the party ends, someone’s drunk and they are going to wrap up the party in their own way. CO-SIGN

12. Fellas
If she wasn’t dancing with you in the club don’t try to holla at her outside of it. What if she didn’t get a chance to see you in your full glory inside?

13. Fellas
If someone offers you gum - take it - you might not score with them - but they have salvaged the night for all your other potential moves.

14. Everyone
Make your booty calls 30 minutes before you leave - and from a quiet place. There is nothing worse than uninvited, unannounced drunk visitors or getting a call from someone yelling over loud music at 3 in the morning. Do like I did when I made house calls, have an open door policy and you won’t have to do anything besides make a confirmation call.

15. Ladies
If he doesn’t leave a tip - he’s cheap. Bad service does demand punishment if it’s excessive.

16. Ladies
If he has to ask for the price of any drink besides a bottle - he’s broke or cheap. I’ve gotten surprised by doing this. I practice this rule, but it’s all for appearances. Just don’t go dumb and order rounds of Louis the XIII.

17. Ladies
If he buys you and your ugly friends drinks, call him. It takes a man with class to do that. Classy man or thirsty man? Your choice.

18. Fellas
If she is dancing like she has nothing to lose - she probably doesn’t. BULLSH**

19. Ladies
If he is dancing like he has nothing to lose - he’s drunk, old - or plays for the other team. BULLSH** although it’s known to be occasionally true.

20. Fellas
if you spent less than 15 minutes getting ready to go to the club stay home. BULLSH**

21. Ladies
if you spent less than 30 minutes getting ready to go to the club, please stay home. BULLSH**

22. Everyone
Don’t come to the club just to look cute - DANCE. Monkeys and babies are cute - we’re grown ups. At least two-step it out.

23. Ladies
A suit that has been worn all day has wrinkles - if he is in the club, says he just came from work, and his suit is immaculate - he is perpetrating. As long as he’s not digging ditches in his suit, it shouldn’t be too bad. BULLSH**

24. Everyone
Contrary to popular belief bankers, lawyers and doctors don’t generally pop bottles as hard as hustlas, ballers and players - you’ll have fun in the clubs with one group, the other will send the kids to a good college. You decide. Keep thinking this. The bankers I know go hard in the club and would put the hustlers to shame. Plus, which group will actually pick a baby momma out of the club? Certainly not the bankers, lawyers, and doctors.

25. Ladies
If he says he has kids - ask him where they are - if he doesn’t know - stop talking


Models and Politicians usually don't go together in the same sentence but CHANGE isn't a bad thing is it?

The Turning Adversity Into Advantage Campaign,Executive Lifestyle Group,& Presents...

A Premium Lifestyle AfterWork Fashion Event/Fundraiser For:

Saquan Jones
Candidate for Brooklyn's 36th District City Council Seat

On Wednesday, June 17th
Time: 6:00-10:00pm
At Club BLVD 199 Bowery St.

Fashion To Feature Designs by: AKOO,Swimwear by Knit Heru, Marckus Raylond, Esther Spiegel, Marie Janae, PBOE, and more...

Sounds By: Dj Ran$um "The Quiet Riot"

Admission: Suggested Donation is $10
All event proceeds will benefit the "Turning Adversity Into Advantage" Campaign for Saquan Jones for City Council.


What type of IGNANT Club Fuckery is THIS?

I guess they wanted REAL Ice on their chains . . . *Blank Stare*

The Fabric Twinz Present . . .

Fashions Obsession "The Birth of Fashion and Music" Fashion Show

The INFAMOUS Fabric Twinz known for their club appearances with their EDGY style and Fashion Sense so You Cannot Miss This EVENT as well as tons of GUEST appearances . . .

Hosted by Fashionista and Socialite Killa Keda

Saturday June 27th at Pace Academy
100 Hester St (corner of Canal st)
Doors open at 6pm SHARP
Advance Tickets start at $10

Contact Tanise 917 975 8833
Erica 646 228 7050
Phyllis 917 826 5924

*After Party at Club Promenade

What The Hell is Going On?

As the owner of a popular Nightlife website puts it, "Oh YOU Modeling Ma?"

Jan 2009 Photo Courtesy of

One thing I cannot stand is grown women, and I use this term loosely, coming out to the club and thinking they are on the set of a photo shoot for Smooth or Maxim Magazine. Dressed in their best $20 "hoochie" attire they want cock their behind up and say cheese. One thing that comes to mind, do these girls think they are doing something special?

Jan 2009 Photo Courtesy of

Women like this do not realize how ridiculous they look or even how badly they represent their self when they choose to pose like a porn star. I have seen some ish where girls get completely naked for the club paparazzi not fully realizing these pictures are uploaded and stored FOREVER on a public database where anyone could have access and thousands of people view on a daily basis.

Jan 2009 Photo Courtesy of

Now although most of the Nightlife photographers utilize the BEST and most expensive camera equipment suitable for any couture or runway shoot , the club is NOT the place. Please get some sense and STOP the fuckery in the clubs

In my best Miss Swan voice impersonation, “She look like a ‘Ho."

PROM 2009 at Haven


Remember Your Prom? The Excitement of Wearing a Sexy Dress or A mean Suit! We're bringing that Same excitement to Nightlife...Grown Up Event, Grown & Sexy Crowd and The Plush-est Venue In New york

The Last one was one of the Sexiest Event in New York... All the Males Were dapper and The Ladies had Sex appeal... This Will Be The Most Upscale Event that You've Seen Thus Far

The 2009 Adult Prom The 2009 Graduates & All Geminis Celebrating Life at NYCs Sexiest Venue


244 E 51st between 2nd and 3rd


Also The Big Celebration for NYC Event Promoter

TIM GRAE CEO of GRAE Enterprises

Ladies FREE until 12:30AM



Button up / Collared Shirts Blazer

Upscale Attire Mandatory

Slacks, Hard Bottoms

Ladies Dresses Mandatory

We intend to maintain the highest standard and uniform standard across the board for all guests to ensure the integrity of this event. Dress code will be strongly enforced and no exceptions will be made. No Sneakers and Boots for man, Must have Blazer. Preferably a suit.

For all additional questions Contact:

Mike Mogul,GC of OBM & Tim Grae
917 821 0051
347 576 4814
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