Why when you look at me

All you see is the color of my skin

The gender in between my legs,

Or the beauty that is not from within,

You choose not to judge me,

Based on the lives that I have touched,

The steps that I take,

Or the paths that I already walked

You are none the wiser,

Of the potential I possess

The destiny that was chosen

Or the relevance of my future success

One day you will see,

I will prove every last one of you wrong,

All this criticism and negativity that you push out,

Only made me strong

Pink Monkey

So someone asked me the other day What the Hell is a Pink Monkey, so here is the definition of the movement because it is more than just odd, attention grabbing, and ME

Pink Monkey is an ideology of always striving for the best possible outcome.

It stands for femininity, good health, hard work and humanity. It conveys the idea of being different and off beat embracing oddities and diversity. It represents the ability to be versatile and possessing an agile mentality in order to accomplish set objectives regardless of the obstacles.

  • Confidence as well as aggression executed delicately with charm.

  • Captivating attention of the masses encouraging curiosity.

  • Expression through creativity, passion and playfulness.

  • Promoting awareness.

  • Support for humanity and the problem solving of crucial community issues.

  • Taking pride in self (WOMAN).

  • Having an opinion and fearlessly sharing personal views.

  • Valuing honesty as well as striving to live up to the highest degree of responsibility and conduct.

  • Using mistakes to transcend towards perfection as well as knowing when to change routes.

  • Learning to be crafty when all else fails.
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