Just Kidding 

But it looked like her . . . Did anyone see her Twiticon? CLICK HERE

This is a MAJOR . . . .


I dont care WHO you see doing this or HOW MUCH money they have 

Wearing shoes that have your toes waving *Hi* to the world when you walk is a NO NO

I hope I dont see too many offenders this summer but Ciara you was DEAD wrong for this

Ciara wearing the Spring 2010 Versace Shoe Line

Daily Prayer . . .

I came across a version of this in Lil Wayne's Letter Home from jail . . . At the end he quotes the 1st and the 3rd stanza which is also a tattoo he has. I thought it interesting I googled the entire prayer.

Dear God, as I begin this day
Let me turn my thoughts to you
and ask Your help in guiding me
In everything I say and do.

Give me the patience that I need
To keep my piece of mind,
And with life's cares, I hope, Dear God,
Some happiness to find.

Let me live but for today,
Not worrying what's ahead,
For I have trust that You will see
I get my "Daily Bread".

Give me the courage to face life's trials
And not from troubles run,
Let me keep this thought in mind,
"Thy will, not mine, be done."

And if some wish I do not get
Though I have prayed to Thee,
Help me to believe and understand
You know what's best for me.

I've failed You many times, I know,
But when tonight I rest,
I hope that I can kneel and say
"Dear God, I've tried my best."


If you want to write Lil Wayne during his stay in Rikers Send your letters to:

Eric M. Taylor Center (EMTC)
Dwayne Carter NYSID# 02616544L
10-10 Hazen Street
East Elmhurst, NY 11370
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